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2001 GSX-R1000

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The GSX-R1000 was meant for the track. So was the Gixxer 600. So was the R6. So when are you going to review a STREETBIKE, MO? Like the ZRX1200, ZR7S, SV650S, or something like that? I'm waiting...
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hell yea my R-1 dosent even run right until around 150 mph, in fact thats only 4th gear!!!! Not all of us live near a track, nor do I feel like sitting in the saddle for 400 miles straight, so my track is the street.There are no podium finishes, no trophy girls, and no big sponser pay checks. First place on my track is having 4 cops on my ass and loosing them all in 2mins. Thank You Yamaha R-1

With all the "my bike is better than yours" attitudes out there makes me laught. Grow up....Be glad you have a nice bike to ride. All the years I've ridden, I've notice that good riders talked about the roads and not blab about how his/her bike is better than the other one. Every bike can always be improved no matter how good it is. If everybody owns the same bike it will be one hell of a boring world wouldn't it? See ya on Sundays!

i have a black and silver model with 9850 miles on it some are track miles but mostly street i have went through 8 sets of tires on it,during break in power lifts were all accidental,my friends hate me but they dont go through as many tires, there only advantage.i live in the north georgia mountains so the bike has seen no city miles all miles are from the mountains, this bike is so much fun to ride that i hardly drive my truck i have put a power commander and a yosh tri slipp on plus the TRE and the thing makes 151 hp power gotta love it.i have had a few problems out of mine but all were minor,the latest problem was a mysterious lose of power (engine shut down)but then it would come back on.have you had any probs out of yours.
I have a friend who just bought one of these bikes and he loves it. I have seen it and it's a real looker. I sat on it and it feels very powerful when idling, but that's as far as I got. I just didn't think I could ride it. I have a 1994 FZR 600 that is probably faster than I need. I hit the asphalt at 35-45 two years ago and I can't imagine what it would be like from one of those monsters. That's not to mention the repair bill fi you live! My plastics were high enough on one of the most produced bikes there is.
Re: High horsepower is not for everyone.

I could not have said it better my self, sir. I'd first like to comment on all the shenanigans posted here. Any responsible rider on a Gixxer 1000, such as myself, knows that this thing is a beast. I've been riding for several years now, and been on all kinds of bikes. However, I am not a speed demon nor do I care to show off. I bought my black/silver 1000 because I loved the way it looks. It handles wonderfully, and for me, is comfy for a Open Class bike. While yes, I do hit the occasional wheelie on a back road, I maintain a level of responsibility. I have no desire to die, what I do have is the desire to carry on my Sunday rides with my beautiful girlfriend on the back (hell SHE'S the speed freak not me!!). Responsibility is the key here folks. The moment someone pulls up beside me, no matter what they are riding, if they have the guts to try and challenge such a beast, more power to them. I'll stop and help them up when I get around to it. Ride safe, people. Don't be a tool.
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Re: Widowmaker!


your' one funny ass mofo.

yeah you think.

racing breeds crashing.


go watch some grand prix racing.

no crashes is like not racing.

you crash cause u push ur bike or your skillz or you loose the front

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You know, it's OK to have a small penis...
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