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2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test

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Road Test?

So where is the road test? This looks like another Honda ad to me....still huge thing isn't it?
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Anyone who pays more for a used Harley-Davidson than a new one, should have there head examined. Just because Harley-Davidson's are popular, and are expensive do not mean they are the best Motorcycle, that is a personal choice. You can take a used Ultra

Classic that is a 2000 model it is more than a brand new GoldWing. The GoldWing would blow it off the road in all performance aspects, except of course for the safety factor of overly obnoxious exhaust. While I am on the pulpit what is up with the Harley bunch not waving at anyone who rides anything other than a Harley? Not all of them do,just quite a few. I ride a old 1981 Suzuki GS850G that is set up for touring, bags and trunk, I wave at everyone, because we are all against the same hazards. Join the A.M.A.
George W. Who he is an embarassment to the USA. Have some hot new paint for the 100th anniversary of Harley-Davidson took a lot of engineering on that. Maybe thats why they couldn't build a competitive bike in AMA Suberbike and quit with there tail between there legs.
Too Afraid to put your name to this? I wrench on my own motorcycle, 1981 Suzuki GS850G. I'll bet I put more time caring and cleaning and riding than you ever will. Do you know where the Japanese received all the technology from to build motorcycles? It came from the States as a process to rebuild war torn Japan, mostly from a Harley-Davidson single cylinder, are you jealous that they have surpassed Harley-Davidson technology in such a short period? Harley is still using technology from 100 years ago does that sound familiar can we all say "ANNIVERSARY". What do you call the V-Rod Harley or Porsche? Oh do you call the Buell the XL5 or XB9R. Join the AMA not H.O.G.

it is for all Bikers.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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