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2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test

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Road Test?

So where is the road test? This looks like another Honda ad to me....still huge thing isn't it?
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I own a 2000 Road King (talk about expensive and value) and an '01 Hayabusa. Last year I put 9000 miles on my busa and maybe 1000 on the Harley. I'm planning on buying a used '01 1800 wing. My girlfriend and I rented one from cruise america last June and rode from San. Fran. to L.A. and back. Great bike! Rode the coast and the valleys. We had it loaded with stuff. It was all I expected. It had pretty decent power going up the mountains. Of course, a little more performance would not hurt. Handled well.

As I live in Chicago, I want to ride around California alot more after I buy a wing. I also want to ship it to Europe to tour France and Italy.

Any ideas?

1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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