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2001 Honda Shadow VLX 600 Cruiser

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Serious buyers only. 11500 miles. Nice ride. Near perfect condition. Very well maintained. Mostly garage kept. Recent service inspection. Brand new tires. Lots of chrome. Low miles. Comes with windshield. Deep purple color. Photos upon request. call 682-551-2311 or email [email protected]. Forney, TX. $3500 OBO.
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$3500 is awfully steep for a seven year old 600 cc cruiser with 11.5k miles.... but if you can sell it for that price, more power to you.
I always wonder at the "serious buyers only" clause - wouldn't you rather have some goofy ass-clown with a wad that could choke a horse burnin' a hole in his pocket wanting the bike? I mean, that would be just-about IDEAL in my book - totally uninformed buyer, highly susceptible to smooth-talk and peer-pressure.......

"Well, I had another guy lookin' at it this mornin', an' he was purty intres'ted in it...."


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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