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Ah, the Northwest Passage.

My Father was stationed on an Icebreaker in '64 or '65 whose Mission was the Circumnavigation of North America. I have all kinds of photos he took, and ones that were taken of him.

One of my favs is one looking-down from the Bridge onto the railings on all the lower decks; everything is covered in ice 4-6 inches thick (he told me they had teams that used hammers and shovels to remove it to keep from capsizing the ship).

Another of my favourite pics is one of him working on a helicopter engine in his shirtsleeves, all the sailors on the deck below huddling in parkas around these "smudge pots" - the warm air from the pots was so much, he had to shed his outer-garments to work on the aircraft.

They became "icelocked" about 13-miles from the Arctic Circle, and played baseball on the ice while waiting for another 'Breaker to come free them.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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