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2001 Kawasaki W650 Wanted to Buy

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I'm looking for a 2001 W650 to buy within 1000 miles of Florida and will consider going even further. Ideally low mileage, stock, and great condition.Call if you even know of one somewhere that MIGHT be bought!
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Had me a '56 T110 that some dude put tried to rebuild hisef and put one size under pistons in the dang thing and it had about as much compression as a dang Studebaker with 1 million miles on it. After I fixed the top end the dang Amal Monobloc broke it's slide and got stuck in the intake valve and screwed up the top end again, then I ditched the whole dang top end and put a bonnie dual carb setup on it, but I didn't have a throttle assembly for the two carbs so I used one off an old 360 Husky induro with universal throttle cables that were about three feet too long and one time they hooked on my bicycle when I wuz drivin home through the driveway drunk on ranier ale and the Truimph went full throttle and started jumpin' all over the backyard knocking things over, an put a big dent in my moms Van and I had to jump on the dang sickle and yank the plug wires out of the magneto before it stopped all worn out like and wheezy. That wuz it for that dang triumph since my mom had a big dent in her van and it tore up the back yard pretty dang good too. So I bought me an RD350 and hell, I tore that up too.... dang it.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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