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2001 Kawasaki W650 Wanted to Buy

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I'm looking for a 2001 W650 to buy within 1000 miles of Florida and will consider going even further. Ideally low mileage, stock, and great condition.Call if you even know of one somewhere that MIGHT be bought!
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Why would someone with a handle like "66bonny" want a W650 when they can get a Triumph twin in a variety of configurations, with several year models to choose from, and with performance mods available?

I mean, the W650 is an OK bike, but...

No - I've never owned one, but a couple of buddies are all over the old Triumph Twins. One has nine or so.

My point was the W650 was a nice enough bike, but (I heard) they were not powerful enough for the super-slab, and as far as I know, were available for only a couple (2?) years.

Unless you look closely, the new Triumph twins are fairly faithful to the old bikes. Yeah, the tailpipe has a kink in it. However, they are worlds better technologically. Heck, the headlights almost always work, and the oil stays in the engine until you uncork it.

A "professional" review of the two bikes is here: Kawasaki W650 and Triumph Bonneville - Road Test & Review - Motorcyclist Online
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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