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went to americade. rode volusia. fell in love.

also rode 1100 vstar and intruder 1400 and voyager. Liked almost everything about volusia, sound, ride, looks and handling. Suzuki had the best test drive route of any manufacturer there. Yamaha was also good. vstar had more torque but I'll take a volusia.

I've ridden HD sportster, old and new style viragos, 1500 vulcan, late 70s goldwing, 2001 750 shadow, 2001 1100 vstar, 2001 1400 intruder, BMW's, yamaha 650 twin, yamaha twin 100,--you get the idea. I LIKE volusia BEST!!!!! If I had a little more cash I'd be riding one.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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