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What?!?!?! "The R6... sucks as a streetbike." Is this a joke? I own a 2000 R6 and it is by far a great street ride. I like it better than the '00 F4. The R6 begs to be ridden hard and responds well at all times. There's no way you were pushing the limits of a bike than leans to a 54 degree angle in stock trim. If you thought it would hurt you then you must have gone through those 40 bikes by laying them down. The R6 is rock solid although it is a bit anemic below 4k rpm which is the only downer in town. I've never felt anything but confident on the bike and taking it into turns is an experience like no other. Trust me, trust the guys at MO, trust the guys at Motorcyclist and Cycle World who called it not only the best 600 sportbike but the best sportbike on the market... period.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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