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2002 Dyna Lowrider

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I have a 2002 dyna lowrider that has professionaly chopped and raked. Motor was built while in the process. 25,468 mile on bike and 2500 on motor. Does not overheat on long rides, Comfortable and handles great, Great gas mileage almost like stock. Bike has never been wrecked or dropped but does have a few scratches where the backrest broke on the way back from cherokee rally. $9000 obo. This is not a scam times are tough and i need to sell plus i don't ride much. email is the best way to get up with me. I can meet part way if not a long ride. NADA value stock is $7200.00 so this is a deal. Email for directions or call 919-820-3660 serouis calls only Located in Clayton, North Carolina. Will give motor build information to serouis people.
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I wish you luck in selling, but I have to say: typically, modified bikes bring LESS and not MORE than NADA/KBB.
Oh Ok thanks guys for the Info. I didn't realize that or the date on the camera. Well if you don't mind me asking whats a reasonable price becuase I want to atleast get nada for it you know?
Oh - ask for as much as you feel it's worth - just be prepared to Barter, that's all I have to say.

Hell, you might get Lucky, and find someone who's lookin' for a bike EXACTLY like yours.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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