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2002 Openclass Shootout, Part I

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i would just like to know why the zx9r wasn't included. its stock horsepower is just as much as the 954 but with 54 less cc's. with the $1100 dollars you save on the 9r you could easily drop 20 or more pounds, add an extra 7 or so horsepower and have money to spare. You would also have a comfortable bike. And if you REALLY wanted to level the field. add a 98 cc MUZZYS big bore kit and you will smoke em all. By the way I own a '02 9r and the 954's and R1's still cant hang light to light!!!!!
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As to having more squidly video clips, here here! Only, the clips are too small and sound like cr*p! Are you MO guys using some old camcorder ducktaped to the tank? Can ya spare the extra $5 and buy a microphone, tape it close to the engine so we can get more out of the clips than wind noise?

Go watch some real movies with real footage like Grand Prix, Le Mans, and Ronin. Steve McQueen (may he rest in peace) and John Frankenheimer know how to mix fast machinery and video.

Check these guys out. Theyare able to somehow have full-screen movies on their site, and it loads pretty quickly.
1 - 1 of 131 Posts
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