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2002 Openclass Shootout, Part I

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i would just like to know why the zx9r wasn't included. its stock horsepower is just as much as the 954 but with 54 less cc's. with the $1100 dollars you save on the 9r you could easily drop 20 or more pounds, add an extra 7 or so horsepower and have money to spare. You would also have a comfortable bike. And if you REALLY wanted to level the field. add a 98 cc MUZZYS big bore kit and you will smoke em all. By the way I own a '02 9r and the 954's and R1's still cant hang light to light!!!!!
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I think if you take 10 average sportbike riders, put them on any of these [r1, gsxr, zx9, 954], put them on the track, the times would be pretty close. I have a 2000 zx9, and a 2000 r1. I race the r1, and the zx9 is my street ride. The zx9 is a much better street bike [omrra #270]
I can't believe you didn't include the zx9. {because it can't keep up} 'please'. I bet you take a random selection of 10 sportbike rider's put them on a track with these bike's, including the zx9, and the lap times would be damn close. You say this is about stock factory bike so the $1100 you save with the zx9 dosen't matter. come on. I have a 2000 r1 that I race. And a 2000 zx9 that's my street bike. the zx9 is a better street bike. the r1 is a better track bike I would much rather take the zx9 on a 300 mile ride including the twisties. As for the above mentioned $1100. If you think you don't have to put money into a track bike your dreaming. I don't know any expert level racer that hasn't put at least $2000 dollar's into his bike, even the novice racer. [revalved susp. steering dampner, exhaust. fuel system, tires]. etc. I think there should be two very seperate area's. track and street. That's why I like the zx9 it's a great [street] bike. mike omrra #270
P.S. Try taking a totally stock gixxer 1000 against a zx9 with $1100 worth of susp. and carb mods. and i bet is would be very close at the track
Right on, remember the zx6 that finished last at the track in every test I've read. 2001 ama 600 supersport champ.. and world supersport champ
Sorry, I should have said print mags. I've only been on this sight for a couple weeks.
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