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2002 Openclass Shootout, Part I

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i would just like to know why the zx9r wasn't included. its stock horsepower is just as much as the 954 but with 54 less cc's. with the $1100 dollars you save on the 9r you could easily drop 20 or more pounds, add an extra 7 or so horsepower and have money to spare. You would also have a comfortable bike. And if you REALLY wanted to level the field. add a 98 cc MUZZYS big bore kit and you will smoke em all. By the way I own a '02 9r and the 954's and R1's still cant hang light to light!!!!!
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By your logic, we ought to also include the 1100XX, the ZX-12, and the Huyabusa. I think the idea is to compare similarly-purposed bikes. If you think the ZX-9 will beat the 954, the R1, or the GSXR at the track with some good riders at the helm, you're dreaming.
Wow, with the addition of your new staffer, you now have the personnel to tell us that you won't be updating the site for a week? Nice use of the subscription dollars. Makes me want to sign up right now.
Or you could just buy a bone-stock, used '98 Huyabusa that would destroy your Muzzy ZX-9 in a drag race. Seems all that some people want to do is twist a grip. There's more to life than that.
We've already got some scales accurate to within a couple of pounds (three) of what Motorcyclist magazine's scales are showing.

Bada Bing?
Come on respondents, they have opinions so shouldn't they tell us what they are and why they have them? The opinions may well change in the course of the the test.

I think I'll like the split format with incremental reporting; a good experiment anyway. The print mags can't do this.

Let's be patient...
What ... no VALKYRIE??!!

I can understand leaving out the Kwacker, which is yet another transverse-four, vacuum-sealed, monkey-humping-a-football, squid bike. But why on Earth would you omit the Honda Valkyrie, which obliterates all the others in the cool derby and is MUCH better for picking up chicks.

Sometimes your logic escapes me ... ;-)
Thanks a lot... now I have to clean up this coffee that I just spewed all over my keyboard!! BWWWAAAHAHAAAHAA!! Nice one, Panther...
Not until you print the measurements. Ready to go, tank empty preferable. Then you get the bada-bing.
Re: English refresher needed?

Is that hot female intern still around? I'd bare with her........
rsalas has a valid point up top in his post, but he is assuming 2 things. One, is that the rider can actually turn a wrench to make the upgrades cheaply, and two that said rider can actually use the performance available. Knowledgable and skilled riders and wrenches are like hens teeth these days. I bet one out of 50 guys that post here even know where the tool kit on their bike is, much less how to use it. It is so much easier to run down to the local bike shop and plunk down your dollars on this years wonderbike rather than upgrade your riding skills or actually learn how to maintain your own motorcycle. Race replica motorcycles surpassed the average riders' skill to pilot them about 15 years ago. Which one wins this year matters not as next year it will be 3 lbs lighter and 2 mph faster. At that time squidly must run, not walk, to the dealer and get the "new and improved" model, even though he couldn't ride the last one very well. The funny part is all the screaming and crying about which bike "won" and why. About 99% of you will never see the upper performance limits of these bikes anyway, but knowing your buddy, who can't ride very well either, has this years "winner" is just too much to bear at the bar scene. I believe MO said as much last year when they named the R1 the winner.
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Re: English refresher needed?

hey, me too!
Re: What ... no VALKYRIE??!!

Hard to tell in the typed form, but that is sarcasm......isn't it? What the hell, no Road King??!!
Longride sure hit the nail on the head here.

99% of us can't reach these bikes performance potentials - absolutely true.

Using that same logic, close to the same number can't reach the performance level of the 600's either.

There's just no logical reason why we should even have this test at all. Leave them fancy race bikes to the racers.

The Kawi EX500 has more than enough power for passing (sensible) cars on the freeway, will exceed the 70 speed limit, and it's race inspired looks should be more than enough for you squids at the bar to pose on. Maybe if we could get Suzuki to detune the SV650 that might be a contender too.

You hear that MO .... by nature, anyone who even wants one of these bikes is a squid. Forget technology, who needs evolution .. Lets get back to the crusier tests !
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LOL I guess the truth hurt you l little more than most.
Nice job you all managed to waste an entire web page and say nothing about the bikes you supposedly tested. I know that part 2 will have the stats and info that we are all looking for, but then why bother posting this dribble? I'm already starting to regret paying for the subscription...
MO tests all kinds of bikes, sometimes alone and other times in groups. If you wait a bit, your favorite you-friendly ride will come around.

The problem with group tests is defining the group. I hope MO takes a bit of time to define what they mean by "Open Class" and to state why this or that bike isn't included. "SuperSport" and "SuperBike" are pretty well defined as race replicas, but "Open" should include the Hayabusa, right? Sort of kills the suspense, though.

Make sure to get some squid videos in the second part. I want to see some rubber on the pavement.
Sorry, your supposed "sarcasm" just came off as really stupid. Keep your day job.
jmeyn makes an excellent point.

You gents at MO are generally very good about explaining your reasoning and your scoring when you do these shootouts. (Personally I value this type of info very highly.) How about explaining how you define "Open Class"?

And if the ZX9R fits this definition, you definitely should have waited "a couple of days" in order to include it in the competition. Your readers are all whining about having to wait for the next installment anyway. Another couple of days wouldn't have hurt... and the quality of the shoot-out would have been better.

If the ZX9R meets your "Open Class" requirements, you do your readers a disservice by leaving it out... Just like when you compared the Yamaha after the fact in your Power Cruiser shootout. That was very anticlimactic.
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