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2002 Openclass Shootout, Part I

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i would just like to know why the zx9r wasn't included. its stock horsepower is just as much as the 954 but with 54 less cc's. with the $1100 dollars you save on the 9r you could easily drop 20 or more pounds, add an extra 7 or so horsepower and have money to spare. You would also have a comfortable bike. And if you REALLY wanted to level the field. add a 98 cc MUZZYS big bore kit and you will smoke em all. By the way I own a '02 9r and the 954's and R1's still cant hang light to light!!!!!
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When MO went subscription I stayed away. I just stopped by for a few moments and I see that nothing has changed around here. I Sure am glad I didn't fork over any subsciption money for this garbage.
I was very excited to finally see an "open bike" shootout, but was very disappointed to see absolutely no information about how the bikes compare at all. I think the reason MO is breaking it up into x number of articles is so they can say "Were not lazy, we wrote x new articles in the last week or so", when it is actually only one story.

I am also disappointed that the new zx9 was not at least included in the comparison (granted it does not really have a chance to win). I am in the market for a litre bike, and I am considering the 954, zx9, and r1 (the gixxer scares me a bit and is not comfortable enough for me). The zx9 is my top choice because it is the most comfortable, and is $1100 less than the 954, while offering way more performance than I will ever need. I would have liked to see how it compared.

I also agree with the person who said that he is starting to see his MO subscription as a rip-off. Heck, the coupon they gave me did not even work, and they did nothing about it.

- BA
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You know,

I was going to withhold comment until I read part 2 of this story, but since so many people seem to share this same opinon, I thought I might pipe up. Obviously there are quite a few other people that are quickly growing tired of Mr. Burns' incessant blathering about nothing in particular. Is he going to be writing every piece from now on? Who did the lion's share of the writing before? It would be nice if they would do it for this story, lest it be ruined by endless strings of run-on sentences having nothing to do with motorcycling.
Gee .. now your starting to see how your original post came across.

There's hope for you yet.
I thought the point of the story was that they haven't done true testing yet. The next part will be the street portion, followed by the track.

I actually kind of like having the testers admit their bias toward a certain bike before the test begins. It makes it a little easier to take the test with a grain of salt.

Sheesh, its $12 a year to subscribe to this site, some of you need to quit whining. Don't you realize what it costs to run a site like this? Why do you think so many internet businesses and sites are gone, nobody seems to want to pay a cent for anything on the web. I really dont think they are taking our 1 dollar a month and laughing at us every morning as they try and decide what color Ferrari to take to work each day. Quit watching so much X-Files, there is no conspiracy. If you don't like the site, then leave, nobody is forcing you to be here.
I'm really sorry about correcting your spelling, but it is the second time in one thread. It's "Hayabusa" not "Huyabusa". It may be true that the 9R won't win at the track, but how many of these bikes will actually ever be on a track? I'm a big fan of Honda, but if Kawasaki has built a better streetbike that is in the same size/displacement category then it should be given a fair chance. I think MO just HAD to get their shootout done so they could scoop the paper magazines.
at least it's not like MCN... "here's a teaser.. now buy the magazine for the rest". What sort of crap is that on a website....?
The Sausage King of Chicago's comment that JB used run-on sentences is not true. I didn't find even one. However, he did miss the "have" between "I" and "been" in the last paragraph of his commentary. Too bad JB, I guess you guys are going to lose another $50K in subscriptions due to that one!
Awww. Come on. These guys stick new articles up on the site every day. Not every one of them is going to be earth shattering, but the sheer amount of information being put up has increased significantly. Before subscription and donation calls, the site was updated occasionally. Since then it is updated pretty much daily. There seems to have been a major bike reviewed once a week recently. That I can think of in the last month we've has the ZX12R, FJR1300, a BMW, (a buell?), and now they're onto this comparo.

We're in a small marketplace. online motorcycle sites. And look at what's happening with the competition. As I mentioned in a previous post doesn't even post full reviews of new bikes anymore. They just point you at the magazine. Even news, like the Triumph fire, they give you a taster and point you at the magazine.

Now ok. We all want more from this site, and I've certainly said a couple of things.. even got named as Johno's hate mailer (more pipe and slippers really) but this is pretty much the only independant, full time, professional online mag left.

Myself.. I'm happy to pay $12 so that I can get an honest opinion and daily snippets to read. And even if the tasters are frustrating.. the full review is usually only a day or few away... not a magazine purchase..

(PS. Remember when ABC would show the first half of the CART race, then it would be finished on ESPN II? And if you didn't have cable you didn't get to see the end. Remember how maddening that was? Well go look at MCN and re-live that frustration...)
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well, stock a zx9r will still smoke a r1 or 929 or 954. thats from the factory
I agree with this post. There are probably a lot of readers looking for a new bike and waiting a few days to include Kawasaki would have been worth it to them. And like other posts already stated, it won't win the track tests, but the street comparison would have been worth the wait.

I already bought the '02 ZX-9R, so to me it is a moot point. I fought with myself to buy the Gixxer, but when it came down to it, for the amount of street time vs track time it will see, the ZX-9R won my vote.

I look forward to seeing your "non-shootout" review of the 9R when you get it. Who knows, maybe it will be even more detailed than it would have been if it was included in the shootout :)
I love the site but you are all being big wussies. The Honda is the lightest "But slower" and it might win. Come on now!! A ZX6 is lighter and slower.

The Suzuki should have won last year on this site, similar to the way it trounced the R1 everywhere else. The complaint about the GSXR is that it is too much bike. Forget pansies, go get the miniskirts and ride a scooter.

The complaint was that the Suzuki was only the best bike in the best riders hands. Come On People!! You can take the Honda eat tail lights all through the mountains.
I hear some good points about the work required to maintain a site but the funny thing is that there is much more out there that is equal to or better than motorcycle online and it is still free. I find it amusing that content oriented web sites think that they can make money at our expense.
I am not saying that they should have posted the entire story, but they:

A) should have waited "a few days" for the zx9

B) should have included a bit more information in their "teaser". At least some ergo specs that Motorcyclist and such provides.

As far the the kawi goes, I am not a huge Kawasaki fan (I currently own a yzf), but I am interested in how the 954rr compares to the zx9 as far as ride comfort goes. Motorcyclist said it is just as comforable as the zx9, but they ALWAYS say good things about Hondas (go figure).

I understand how tough it is to make money via web sites. I am in the industry myself. My issues with why I feel I was ripped off:

A) I was promised a coupon for $11.94 of Comp Accessories, which did not work

B) MO did nothing to fix my problem

C) The web site lacks the professional appearence of what I think a pay site should be (links don't work, etc.)

D) I love watching short video clips, but the video link gives me an error every time I click on it.

E) Many of the reviews just seem to be hastily thrown together

F) Often a MO writer will comment that he will look into something, and then they never do (I was very curious as to whether or not the zx12 comes in blue)

What I would like to see in the future:

1) more squidly video clips

2) more bike information such as measurements

3) web site where everything works damn near all the time

4) longer more detailed teasers

5) more shootouts; heck put the gsxr1000 against the ex500 Ninja, I just enjoy reading bike versus bike stories; I would really like some comparisons putting 600s vs. liters vs. open (zx12, 1100xx, hayabusa) vs. superbikes (998s, rsv milles, etc.) vs. etc.

6) Bike vs. Car (I love to see cars get the s#*! kicked out of them by bikes; Maybe put a r1 against one of theFerraris you guys all drive that I hear about)

Peace Out

- BA
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Oh yeah, more product reviews would also be nice:

- tires

- exhausts

- riding gear

- etc.

Due to my umm...job...I spend a lot of time surfing the internet and I've yet to find a site as good as motorcycle online...

There's nothing out there with a comparable level of content (quality and quantity) least I haven't found anything so I'd love examples...
If you can find a 98 Busa you had better take good care of it because you will have the only one ever produced.
Forget the $1100 that you can save by purchasing an 02 9R and get a leftover 01. I just picked mine up last month for $7999. There is nothing that can touch the performance for that price.
Have to admit... squidly, i almost missed that... very observant
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