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2002 Openclass Shootout, Part I

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i would just like to know why the zx9r wasn't included. its stock horsepower is just as much as the 954 but with 54 less cc's. with the $1100 dollars you save on the 9r you could easily drop 20 or more pounds, add an extra 7 or so horsepower and have money to spare. You would also have a comfortable bike. And if you REALLY wanted to level the field. add a 98 cc MUZZYS big bore kit and you will smoke em all. By the way I own a '02 9r and the 954's and R1's still cant hang light to light!!!!!
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Re: Virtual weigh-in indeed.

Yeah, really. I'd definitely like to see some measurements in your bike reviews. And couldn't the reviewers let us know more about their heights, inseams, sleeve lengths, etc., and then let us know how they fit on the bike's they test?
Re: bikes left out in comparisons


What a bunch of alley cat howling.

A $2000, 1995 "motarded" RMX 250 will slap every one of you into wondering why you'd consider these bikes.

Tighten up the road a bit, leave everything to the riders and your 100+ horsies would only make things favor the RMX.

Too bad you can't (street) ride two-strokes in the land of the free eh?

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While I read frequently, it's not at the top of my list of favorites nor is it second. IMO, the two best are and (which comes in paper as well). As an example, here is something fun from that you may eventually read at MO: At Laguna Seca, Doug Chandler is only a tenth off Nicky Hayden's time for yesterday, a tenth ahead of Anthony Gobert and 1.2 seconds ahead of Mladin! This after many months of Chandler not racing. I'd love to say it's the big beautiful red Duc he's riding, but I can't, Picotte had the chance on the same frappin bike but didn't do it - it's Chandler (and to think that Chandler is dyed Kawasaki green - sigh). Mladin is toast :cool:
all of this feedback further fuels the neverending controversy as to which is the best bike.

the truth is there is no best bike. the reason, all of us that ride are not the same. different height, weight, inseam, ability, etc. etc. etc.

for my $12 a year MO is doing just fine. there isn't a bike mag in existence that has the capability of doing the type of testing and reporting that some of us are asking for. in the end

each of us is going to decide for ourselves which is the best bike. which fits the best, gives

us the performance we are capable of. and maybe most important, which we can afford.

Maybe the best way to do bike tests, especially sport bike tests, is to do each bike individually and report on it individually. Then reserve shootouts for specific comparisons such as track lap times, twisties etc. I think what happens in the shootouts is that one factor, e.g. laptimes, tends to dominate the the entire comparison and disproportionately diminish losers (comfortable, faster than a speeding bullet, but gee wizz, .02 seconds slower than our winner - brand x).
Re: What ... no VALKYRIE??!!

Let me get this straight; you want to compare the 3 most advanced Racer Replicas in the world with a Valkyrie????

ANY fool would know that an '82 V65 Magna would stomp the life out of a Valkyrie, and would provide some legitimate competion in the comparison!

Some people just don't seem to have a clue...

(Please imagine a winking face thingie here. I'd actually put in a winking face thingie, except for the fact that I'm boycotting them on account of that I think that all emoticons are dumb, and I won't be a party to their gaining acceptance in our culture) ):<
I sometimes get all *****y and stuff before I have my morning coffee too.
You've apparently missed the point that MO has to beg for bikes to ride. The bike companies give them bikes for specific time periods. Kawasaki didn't bother because they probably don't think MO is very influential. Marketplace influence is what gets the PR flacks for the companies at CW preferential treatment and free trips to Europe.

If you want a publication that the manufacturers kowtow to (because they give glowing reviews in return for ad revenue) go to CW or Motorcyclist. The day that MO starts getting preferred treatment from American Honda is the day to start worrying.
"The ZX-9R is being left out, one, because Kawasaki won't have one ready for us for another couple of days"
I agree, granny. The 9R or any of these other bikes is vastly more motorcycle than 95% of riders can fully utilize anyway. There's nothing wrong with putting on a set of exhaust cans and such, but otherwise screw that throwing cash into go-fast mods crap. Most people should save their money for track schools and good riding gear. (When they see someone like a Reg Pridmore flash by on the outside, two-up on a bone-stock VFR, then they'll understand.) Learn to ride well instead of being just another horsepower addicted squid. My $0.02
It's not the $12 that's eating us, it's the 'promises' MO has been telling us - less ads, faster connection, more content, etc.

They have not changed at all since going subscription based. True, many websites have gone out of business, mainly due to the B2B model that simply didn't generate the $$$ the fat cats were hoping for.

MO is an independent site funded by ad hogs and independent sites rarely survive without cash flow from selling ads or outside funding. Had MO been part of a parent company that has the capitol to sustain a site, they would be much better and generate much better ROI (return on investment) numbers than small-time shops buying ad space on MO.

The reason and as well as perform much better than MO is because they have a parent company that generates capitol in the form of print paper to sustain a free site. Also, they have what readers ARE looking for as well as what they WANT. MO likes to tell stories they see fit and incite controversy for personal pleasure - making it very unattractive to lucrative funding from large companies or manufacturers.

The manufacturers DON'T give them the bikes, they BORROW from dealers WITHOUT manufacturer's endorsements...
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FYI, you get more news on the site and that one's free. The only advantage this site has is the road tests. I subscribed because I get bored at lunchtimes and the RRW site is not enough. For $12 measly bucks it is ok, but the news dept at MO could be 'upgraded for the 2003 model year' IMHO
The Willow Springs lap times will be interesting because Doug Toland, Honda employee and racer, claimed that the 954 was faster at this track in their testing than any of the other bikes. Apart from that, I'm waiting for the test of the SilverWing!! 600cc, twin, fuel injection, 55 liters of underseat storage space it's gotta be the ultimate town/traffic buster commuter!

Oh, and for story ideas, how about taking bikes with known problems to a bunch of different shops anonymously and see who does what. Of course not telling them what is wrong with the bikes to start off with. Or would that be too much like actual work?....
Well what can be said to defend the ZX9R. I love the bike on the street where I ride all the time. If Kawasaki wanted this bike to directly compete with the repli-racers then it would, but they don't, so it doesn't. If Kaw thought it could compete they would race it in Formula Extreme, but they don't. Instead they have one of the most stable, and most comfortable sport bikes that we can buy(under 500lbs that is). Now I understand that that is not what everyone is looking for and that is fine, but hey any R1, 954, GSXR1K that thinks they can give a beating to a ZX9R on the street with equally talented riders has another thing coming. I say this because unlike many squidly riders I understand that tenths of a second don't mean sh!t on the street! So with that said I don't care that it wasn't included because I don't rely on some internet magazine to tell me how cool I am because of what bike I buy. It would have lost anyways! Did I mention it's $1000 cheaper than the rest?

--Have fun, and speed safe!!!!
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Re: checking out shops...

One of my fav mags is the Brit publication

"Ride". They have excellent content, and in

fact do go undercover to check things out...

Highly recommended - it's a shame that

there's no US version ( Although MCN does

come close. )

-- Michael

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Re: Remember the ZX-6?

And that has to do with the open classers, how?

How many ZX-9s are in Formula Extreme?

Kawi doesn't even bother running in that class, for obvious reasons.
Re: Virtual weigh-in indeed.

Thats odd, a couple of measurements were deleted.... including weight, seat height and fuel capacity. Other figures not included are available colors and suggested retail price. If you look again, they'll be there.
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