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2002 Suzuka Reader Feedback

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Cool story. I had not previously put it into the same basket as the IoM, but now... Must think twice about priorities for future holidays...

On another point entirely, huccome when 'mericans use words that they aren't accustomed to, like say "kilometres", they insist on misspelling them? Actually, more than just those tricky metric words, but things like "Chequered", and its cousin, "cheque". Or as you folks would have it, "check". And since when is the "invoice for food" called by the same name as the "debit my account for this much" slip of paper, from your cheque/check-book?!? What is with that? [/rant]
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Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

It will kill off the SUVS, and then we can have as many 2 wheeled vehicles as they do there in Japan. Please!


Hoo! That was a fun article.

First Post!

(1990 BMW K1 ---YAR!!)
Different sides of the pond. I've lived in Hong Kong for eight years now and find myself confusing the British and English spellings and words (though typically not Ozzie words, which I understand are often derived from an East End ****ney (oxymoron?) ... though I could be mistaken). A lot of the Brit spellings are ones we used in the US back in the 1950s. But the general influence of newspapers has been to update, abbreviate and simplify the language.
Great to see this description of Suzuka. I just returned from the Sugo track (near Sendai) last week attending Yamaha's TZ school (Sugo is Yamaha's turf, as Suzuka is Honda's). I heard a lot about Suzuka, and we are trying to get someone to do a similar school there.

The Yamaha school was great ... we had immaculate TZ125's for two days (R6's and XJR1300s, but everyone wanted the TZ125s). The track is immaculate, and like Suzuka, has a whole resort attached to it, with karting, motocross, country trails, etc. etc.
Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

hawkrider. i would be interested to see you justify that comment with some kind of logic. please offer a thread of reasoning which i may follow...
Fantastic article

Great article! Thanks. Mathew made me feel like I was there. Edwards is such a stand up guy. I'm sure he could of pulled a Rossi but he knows what kind of value Honda places on this race. He makes me proud to be an Merican!
Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

I rekn HawkRider be talking about that "First Post" thing.

There exists at least one website that censors those two words when found together, changes them into something that reflects poorly on the writer, but then (and here's the smart bit) back dates the post by 12 hours, so that it doesn't show up until that time. (, for instance).

Sorta slows that particular brand of one-upmanship.
Being a stickler, there is no such thing as a "Mach Z1" or a 1984 GPZ1100. The Mach terminology was applied to the Kawasaki two strokes, Z1 to the original 900 four stroke. 1983 was the last year for the GPZ1100. In 1984 the 900 Ninja was introduced.
Having made the comments about the Mach and GPZ, I did enjoy the article.
Good article. A race meet, any bike meet, is about the feeling. Pity those girls are in front of the SP2 in the pic...but I am not really complaining!!!
What a great article...finally some good enjoyable content on MO...because lets face it, it's kinda been a bit of drought lately...but there is that mystery road they mentioned they were working on a few days ago.

Re: Fantastic article

It wasn't because it was 'crowded' as the author stated. Rossi specified this in his contract before the season began that he would not do the Suzuka 8 hour. His reason was to concentrate on the MotoGP 2002 World championship since he was getting on a new bike.
Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

Jeez, no "One Upmanship" involved, who the heck cares who posts first? I was being sarcastic! I wanted to start a nice discussion about having more 2 wheeled vehicles in the US.

If the articulate, incisive "Idiot" comment was about the "first post" biz, calm the $#*@ down.

If its about wanting/not wanting a gas crunch, post your real opinon so we can have a dicussion.
Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

All that would be needed for a gas crisis would be to allow the cost of fuel to reflect the billions spent to keep the oil flowing from the middle east, or to stop spending those billions and allow nature and the local warlords to take their course. Given the disruption this would bring to our (and the world's) oil-and-automobile-based economy, though, I'm not sure it would be a great idea. Dare I suggest a long-term government policy that would lead us gradually to energy independence? Perish the thought.
Apologies, it was supposed to read "Mach 1." As for the GPZ bit, there is an 1100 version. It was produced between '83 and '85. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!
Re: Fantastic article

Not that I can't take criticism, but I don't believe I ever used the word 'crowded' in the article to describe why Rossi wasn't on the team. Frankly, I didn't know why he wasn't back, but now I do.
Next in the works for me is either SBK at Sugo or MotoGP at Motegi, but after the searing summer heat in Osaka I want to experience some of that cooler autumnal Northern-Japanese climate personally, so maybe Sugo.
Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

A Gas crunch will adversely affect the poorest people of America far more than it will these kicked-in-the-head idiots who spend 40K on four-wheel drive vehicles to drive around Frisco, L.A., Seattle etc.

I drive a Chev K2500 pick up because I need it for my work. I resent people like you who want to cost me more money because you heard some simplistic propaganda from the Sierra Club (Whose president, by the way, drives a Chevy Suburban himself).
Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

I certainly didn't buy any propaganda from the Sierra Club. I cannot cause a gas crunch, therefore you have no reason to resent me.

Gas will become more expensive, it has to. Our complete reliance on Arab Oil WILL come back to bite us in the ass, eventually.

Folks that drive trucks because the have to will have to deal with the coming crunch, as when it comes it will be an economic/political reality. Whatevery you do for a job will require you to raise your prices to pay for the increase in your operating expenses.

It will hurt the economy. It will hurt poor people (everything does.) It will also kill off this stupid craze for giant cars that is plaguing the U.S.(uv) just as the last gas crunch killed off the giant cars of the 70's and ushered in an era of thinking about alternate fuel sources, and more fuel efficient cars.

All this being said, Europe and the far east (as seen in the Suzuka article) pay way the heck more for gas, and people still live happy lives. Their countries also contribute way the heck less to global warming than our piggish country does.

Right now the price of gas doesn't reflect the true cost of gas in terms of subsidizing countries like saudi arabia (thanks for the hijackers, guys) and damage to the environment. (Sierra Club can go #$*# themselves, but the climate IS getting warmer.)

While you have to drive a truck for work, what do you think about taxing SUVs? Or raising the gas tax? (Perhaps with commercial exceptions?)
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