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Re: Please God, Let the USA have a Gas Crunch

Maybe I chose the wrong word. "Idiotic" would be more accurate. Wishing a gas crunch on the USA just so the SUV will become extinct, for the sole purpose of satisfying someones distain for the SUV is at best idiotic thinking. I got news for you, you are outnumbered. How would you like it if the SUV drivers decided to ban motorcycles because of a few hooligans lane splitting and such. If you think about the odds for a moment one name comes to mind, "Custer".

A gas crunch, not only would it have potentially catastophic consequenses on the economy, it would devastate resale values of larger vehicles.

I cannot believe this anti SUV thing to begin with. It seams some of you feel that bad drivers are all driving mini vans and SUVs.

Fine, lets pass a law that every SUV and Mini Van driver must go to the nearest Honda dealer and turn in their current ride for a new Civic. When those same drivers cut you off, pull out in front of you, make the famous left turn etc. and cause you to crash and die, you can go to your eternal rest with the comfort that it was NOT an SUV that caused your demise.

As far as the economic and environmental issues go, the marketplace will decide all of that as it allways does. All this talk of trying to legislate peoples wants and desires is borderline socialism, people vote with their wallet. Trying to control it is futile, proabition, yeah that really worked.

Is that clear enough?
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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