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2002 Triumph Daytona Sneak Peek

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first post!! Ha Ha

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Triumph, Aprilla, etc... etc.... what a great time to be a motorcyclist!
I know that tast is subjective... but....

I know that tast is subjective, but...

If there is one thing I KNOW about the modern triumphs (I've owned 3) is that they "usually" DO NOT photograph as well as they actually look. It's almost uncanny. I bought a brand new speed triple in 1995 but it sure wasn't from the photographs. The bikes are built to be appretiated live in person and on the road!

That said I have to ask what bike you gentlemen are looking at. This thing is beautiful AND it'll keep up with most modern gikes on the spec sheets. How fast you actually can ride it is up to your actual abilities!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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