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2002 Triumph Daytona Sneak Peek

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first post!! Ha Ha

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Well, I must admit I'm more fond of the looks of my '99 model, but I'm stoked about the new power numbers... the question is, can any of the new engine mods be adapted to the older engines, or (seeing as it looks like the frame is identical) will the new engine "drop in" to the older bikes!?! Regardless, I'm glad Triumph is in the game, although it may never be the lightest/fastest bike out there, the Daytona is a fantastic street bike.
I have 10,000 miles on my '99 and it has performed flawlessly. Early on it ran a little hot but after adding some water-wetter to the mix it has cooled down nicely. After being a Honda guy for years (2 CBRs, and a VFR) I'd say the Triumph is right on par in the quality department... and in the service department of my dealership (unlike with the Honda) I always get a loaner bike for scheduled maintenance...
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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