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2002 Triumph Daytona Sneak Peek

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first post!! Ha Ha

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They can hire designers, you know...

But they must be spending their money somewhere else.

I was very taken with the styling of the other Daytona, and the speed triple. But this thing? Ew!

It has over-buggy eyes, the frames the same, and it looks oddly enlongated. It reminds me of the way Iacocca kept streching the "K" car to make luxury models, until it looked ludicrous.

From the specs, it looks like this bike will put about 125 horses to the ground, and weigh in at 450-470 full of gas. That will put it firmly in 1998 ZX-9 territory. Way to go, Triumph! Another ground breaking victory! Way to stay slightly behind neck and neck!

I think Triumph is going too main-stream, attempting to fight the Japanese on their own turf. THey will always be behind, and they will always loose. They need to find their own direction, like Ducati.

THis bike will probably be a very durable, reliable, good-functioning bike with great handling, as soon as they work out the bugs and flaws that sem inevitable with Triumph's products. But they will never gain a signifigant market share with bizarely styled wannabee bikes like this and the TT600.

Please note I have nothing against Triumphs. I have nothing against them. I just feel their marketing and corporate direction are lacking. I hope they do better next time.
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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