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2002 Triumph Daytona Sneak Peek

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first post!! Ha Ha

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Re: not bad I agree, in fact...

as a Triumph owner I'm impressed, but too bad the most impressive Triumph ever built also has to be the first one to look like yet another UJS --as in Universal Japanese Sportbike --instead of distinctive like a Triumph. My T'bird may not be near as fast but it does everything well, it's comfy, it turns more heads than chrome monuments costing twice as much and it looks like a British motorcycle "ought" to (IMHO that is and I know what opinions are the same as). So I guess I won't be trading it for a crotchrocket and if I did it would still have to be a Speed Triple.
Reliability? Superb. The most miles on one I know of personally is a guy who has nearly 50K and NO problems, but I've read in the Triumph newsgroups of (Hinckley) Triumphs with 6-figure miles and still like-new on the inside. Of the several Triumph owners I know with ~5K to 50K miles on their bikes not a single one has had problems. You must be thinking about Meriden Triumphs.

Now, as for service, some dealers are excellent and some are so-so and some just plain suck. Pretty much the way it is with any brand. Other than a few tales of parts taking awhile to get through distribution channels on occasion (everything I've ordered has arrived much more promptly than some Japanese parts for past bikes) I've heard no "horror stories" about service, but I'm sure some have happened somewhere at some dealership.
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1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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