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Eighty percent of it is visually great, especially (for me) that big modern frame. The twin lamps and intake nozzles and such make it look like the fourth cast member from "Mystery Science Theater 3000," though.

Besides, isn't the point of a streetfighter to be a rorty angry stomping mother that makes the Harley guys look for a different playground? Makes sense with the Speed Triple, but probably not with a retuned factory 600. I can sort of see how the idea would come from Italy, given that nation's fondness for smaller displacements, but especially in America I'm not seeing a lot of success. Besides, anyone who really grasps the idea of a streetfighter knows a lot of the glory is in the modifying (sort of like an Acura Integra street racer) and will do something more honest and individualistic with a old stripped GSX-R or such, never mind the price difference.

If they wanted to do a ballsy 600 sport-standard, that'd be great. Lose the gawky stuff off the front, make the motor tractable and friendly and enthusiastic, and keep it agile. I'd wonder about market-segment overlap with the Bonneville, though.

Oh, and it's January 8th. Elvis lives.
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