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Triumph should be ashamed of itself.

1 - Speed Four is a shameless attempt at trying to squeeze some blood (or in this case £'s) from a dead horse, the TT600. The firm has taken it's beta model TT, stripped off the bodywork, slaps some streetfighter lights on it, and sells it as a naked model. It is positively fugly!! Those intakes? That motor is completely not naked friendly. (Has anyone heard the term bad naked? This is bad naked.) So completely unnatractive.

2 - 955 is a pathetic attempt at trying to flog a "new" model. The block is the same only cast this time around. The frame is basically the same. The bodywork is a bad mixture of Japanese bike cliches.

Hinckley...listen up...this is the stuff failing mc firms are made of. Stop insulting peoples intelligence with models like these. (Nice Bonnie re-make though...a little expensive considering the lack of tank pads, gators, seamed tank, and those crooked pea shooters. )

Z (Believe it or not, a Triumph fan)
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