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You think so?

I dunno about the naked friendly motor. I really doubt that the snorkles do much besides look strange. The TT is a little underpowered relative to an R6, but who can really use an R6? It handles well and has good brakes, so I wouldn't notice a couple of missing horsepower or 10 more pounds. Aside from its (deliberately?) odd looks, it will be a pretty good bike.

The 955's new nose looks like a softened version of the old VFR, but think about how many of those current Japanese bike cliches came from the original 595. Look at the old VFR from the side and the SV650 from the front, for instance. Plagarism is basic to all cultures.

I would buy either a Daytona or a TT600 in a minute. The Speed Four might take a few hours or even days, though, because of the looks!
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