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2003 Buell Blast oil change

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i don't have an instruction manual and i need to change my oil. i just got the bike and i really need help. Thanks:rolleyes:
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Get an instruction manual.
seruzawa is right get at least an owners manual or better yet a "shop" manual. I have a shop manual for my R6. You can usually get them online or have the dealer order one for you.
Basically it's remove the crankcase drain plug, remove the oil filter, after the oil drains out replace the drain plug snuggly, dip your finger in clean engine oil and smear it round the rubber gasket on the new filter and install it hand tight + 1/2 a turn and refill with the appropriate amount of fresh oil.

Be sure to have the bike over a pan deep enough to hold up to 4 or 5 qts. when you remove the drain plug.....It's a pretty straight forward job, be sure you take out the engine oil drain plug, not the transmission drain plug. On a big twin the engine oil drain is sideways while the trans drain is straight down, I'm not sure if they follow that pattern with the Blast. It's an easy job but if you're unsure then you need a manual of some sort, either chiltons or a factory manual or you can take it to a dealer or an independent HD shop and see if they'll let you watch so you can learn...

I take it you're a fairly new rider, it's commendable that you want to learn basic maintainance but you really need a manual of some sort to give you a basic understanding of what you're doing. You can pick up a basic tool set of sockets and box end wrenchs at Sears for a reasonable price, look for a 3/8 drive ratchet and socket set and a box end wrench set from 3/8 up to 15/16 or so. At some point you'll also need a set of torx sockets as well as allen wrench sockets and the usual phillips and straight screwdriver, some channel locks and a rubber mallet should cover your needs for anything you're liable to do at home.

Good luck, double check your work and ride safely.
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Torx? Really?

I don't recall ever seeing a torx head on any motorcycle. Who uses them?
You should add - Wipe the oil-filter mating surface with a clean shoprag. Two reasons: cleans the surface so no dirt and debris gets-into the oil, and ensures that it's impossible to "double gasket" the filter (i.e. when the gasket from the previous filter is accidentally left on the mating surface - very bad to do this)
Torx? Really?

I don't recall ever seeing a torx head on any motorcycle. Who uses them?
Harley and Hinkley Triumph use them here and there. I don't know about the Japanese or other Euro's but I know from personal experiance that those two do.
Spin on filter: When you are putting it on, spin it carefully until the gasket touches. Then tighten the filter 3/4 of a turn.

Sachi, I think Triumph bought stock in the Torx factory. There are easily a half-dozen different sizes on my Sprint.
Torx Head

Torx? Really?

I don't recall ever seeing a torx head on any motorcycle. Who uses them?
My V-Strom uses a torx head to adjust the tps, it's a pain in the butt!
Thanks for the replies! Now I know.
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