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2003 Triumph Daytona 600

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Let's see a first ride!

And then a comparo. Good for Triumph! Never give up.
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I'll wait for some real world testing reports. I remember the hype about the TT600 and the ensuing disappointment.

I ride every month with a group of Triumph guys but I ride a Honda F4. If - and only if - this bike measures up to the description, then maybe I'll be on a Triumph like the rest of the guys.
Put a zig zag muffler on it and you can call it Pikachu. That or a happy Kawasaki...

Honestly other than the Daytona styled tail section it looks more Japanize than actual Japanize bikes.

I'll predict this has caught up to an F3, maybe. If its anywhere near the new line of 600's I'll be highly impressed. The big Daytona's never been a threat to the big 4 and this probably wont be any different. Reading the press release was too funny, talk about chest beating and hype. Still I wish them luck, I dig the 955 daytona and the speed triple.
Is it better than the japanese 600's?

I know it isnt. why is it more expensive than the jap mids?...triumph doesnt get it
Re: Is it better than the japanese 600's?

4k mile service intervals to.
Re: Is it better than the japanese 600's?

The labor laws most certainly drive up the price beyond the Japanese 600s. That and the fact Triumph is a much smaller company and doesn't have near the purchasing power for parts, etc. as the big Japanese companies.

Do squids understand basic economics at all?
The only thing that bugs me about the styling is the tail lights. They look out of date and squished together.
You are correct BuzzLightYear

You make a good points Buzz Although I admire Triumph for trying to compete head to head with the Japanese, it probably isn't the smartest thing to do. I think a small triple would of been better i.e. chararcter and uniqueness vs the inline 4s.
Re: Is it better than the japanese 600's?

Well, actually Triumph prices are a bit higher, but not substantially so. I was looking at 2002 model prices and for any particular class of bike the Triumphs are only a few hundred dollars more. A Daytona 955 is about the same as a Yamaha R1. Pretty close anyhow. When you're talking 10Gs a few hundred either way doesn't mean much.

As if anyone complaining about the "inferior" Triumph could even come close to tapping the potential of either bike.

Look how much more people pay for a BMW 1150GS. It's probably a better bike than the comparable Triumph , but it's certainly not $4K better. I hear the BMW's own R1150R is more stable on dirt roads than the GS anyhow, and the R1150R doesn't break frames. Suzuki's V-Strom is another $1800 cheaper than the Triumph, but it has only a one year warranty, the Triumph has a two year warranty.

You can't put a price on appeal anyhow. People like what they like. Logic doesn't much enter into it.
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Sung to the Frere Jacques (Brother John) tune:

Just like Honda,

Just like Kawi,

Inline four,

Such a bore,

No imagination,

Just a recreation,

A copy,


More displacement,

Which would have meant,

Much more torque,

Bloor's a dork,

Should have been a triple,

Would have hardened nipple,

But no luck,

What the fruck?

This song must come,

To a close now,

Time for bed,

Turn off head,

Writing not terrific,

Very soporific

I must snore,

Rhyme no more.

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and I thought I had a lot of time on my

Really though, I think the new daytona 600 looks pretty good, although I was definitely getting a "happy" vibe looking at the Kawi style front end, and I like that the brake lights and indicators in the rear are tucked in, most of the riders i know hack those up anyway to make em look something like that.
(cough, cough) ZX-6R (cough, cough)
Re: You are correct BuzzLightYear

I think Triumph is pretty brave as well. The Japanese own this market segment. You never know, they may have tried a triple first. I would guess with such small displacement, the only way to make good power would be to rev the hell out of it and a four will do that better than a three.

I like the fact that they've kept the big bore bike a triple. It's a shame it doesn't sell better because it can't post the great "magazine times" of the Japanese litre bikes.
Can the Daytona 600 compete with the other 600's ? We'll find that out, but none the less there is a market for this bike. To some people having something that is different is more important than owning the fastest 600 on the planet.

It's too bad that Triumph didn't make their 600 a tripple that really would have rocked !
I'd bet if you put a Kawasaki sticker on it and painted it lime green, well, you get the picture.
Neat bike.

You guys really need to explicitly label press releases as such though. Most people understand when they see a hype-filled blowjob like this that it is PR, but still.

For one thing, you really do not want anyone thinking that you would write a closer so badly in need of being taken out and shot as this:

For no small reason does Triumph's new bike proudly wear its Daytona badge, and rightly so.
Great web site! Thanks for the ride.
Re: Is it better than the japanese 600's?

I loved the old tiger, then once I was in the market the new one came out. Talk about a good thing gone bad. Visually speaking of course.

I went to the International Motorcycle show in San Mateo last week for the main purpose of checking out the LC8 KTM. They didnt even have a booth, I was ticked... Still all the new 600's (but this triumph) were there. Talk about cool, I liked them all. Very hard to pick a winner as they all had different approaches to cool. The 4 eyed squint of the r6, the angry brow of the CBR RR and the Mantis like zxrr. This one, like I said above looks like a happy last gen kawasaki. I can see drawing crowds of children everywhere you park. Its only a rainbow sticker away from parade duty...
Well the TT is a slightly changed 2000 F4 style wise, now this. So is the next gen going to look like an R6 or a Gixxer?

First we had the harley clones from the land of the rising sun, now we have the Union Jack Cloning the rising sun. Who'd a thunk? At least the Italians have their own sense of style. Not saying the rest of the Triumph line isnt going their own way. Just looks as if they are trying to blend in to the 600 class and not take it head on. At least the big Daytona has its own style, similar look with the front scoop would of been cool. Well instead of a rebadged Kawi.
Remmember way back in the early days of Bloor Triumphs the first 3 and 4 cylinder motors were labeled Ninja clones. Me thinks that designer at thiumph has now moved to the styling dept.. I think Kawasaki should come out with a Z636 to compete with the Speed 4.
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