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These comments are funny... first everyone complains that the TT was outdated in styling, then they slam the new styling for this bike, next is a big slam on performance numbers and price before a final swipe at the British in general.

As a Brit, I take a long suffering sigh on the Lucas jokes, and think back with fond memories about all the tinkering I used to do with my Mini and MG. As for the Beer, it's Ale, you kill the flavor if you chill it. We do chill lager, which is close to american beer. see.....

To the bike. I recently found myself in the market again for a 600. I looked at em all and I know I can't tap the full potential of any of them on the street or the track. The F4, R6 and ZX6 look the same, then a friend took me to Triumph, I fell in love with the 02 Yellow TT, test rode it and bought it on the spot, AND it was CHEAPER than an F4i

Sure I think the TT styling is out of step with everything else, but not outclassed by any means, which is why I got it. And the handling is sweet, I just wish MO would run another road test now Triumph have the Fuel Injection mapping nailed down.

This new bike looks cool, but I don't think I would get it based on the styling, but then who know's, I always cheer the underdog and I am British, I guess I will have to take it for a spin before judging. :)

Oh and so you know, I used to ride a YZF600R, another much under appriciated bike but a hell of a daily rider!
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