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2003 Triumph Daytona 600

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Let's see a first ride!

And then a comparo. Good for Triumph! Never give up.
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I have to admit I too thought "Kawasaki" when I looked at it, as many others did here. All the "engineering" must have taken place when the took down a ZX6R to the last piece last year and copied every part. They changed about 3 angles on the tank, slapped on a Triumph badge and called it a day. The fuel injection was done my Keihin, so they stayed home there. They already should know in this catagory, the bikes must be priced within $100 of each other and have at least as good or better numbers so the "price/performance" crowd can get their fill. Do you think the Japanese bikes are all priced about the same, look similar, and perform equally happens by accident? I guess Triumph is willing to beat their heads against the wall and try to compete on a numbers only basis, where they are a certain loser here. I think their talent is in filling niches left behind by other mfgs. and competing well in those areas. The fact that the Bonneville America became their biggest seller should have told them something. I guess they didn't learn the lesson the last 600 taught them.
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I think it looks pretty cool in a pikachu kinda way, I don't really see the specific resemblance to anything else, most sportbikes look more or less the same anyway. Ducati and Buell go their on way, and the bigger Triumph's, but whats a 600cc sportbike supposed too look like? It's nice to see Kiehn doing the F.I. on this, it seems like most of the complaints I've read have been about the Sagem F.I. system needing multiple re-maps to get it right, all in all a pretty good effort. I don't think The market for this bike is really the same as the Japanese 600's in that it competes on more of an emotional level, instead of an ultimate ['till next year] performance level, True it's compettitive, but you'd have to want a Triumph and not care if your bro's GSXR,R6, or what have you is .000009887654th faster. as for price, Union labor cost's more. I don't mind paying a little extra to buy a union made product, as a long time I.U.O.E. member I expect my bro's to do the same.
"...harking back to the greatest traditions of British engineering and craftsmanship."

WAH HAH HAH HAH Hah hah hahhhhhhhhh!!!! Does that include traditions along the lines of Lucas electrics?
I'd buy one, maybe.

Who cares if the body looks like a zx6. With the exception of the 999 and the Hayabusa, if you removed the brand specific colors and wanna go fast stickers from the rest of the sport bikes, most people (who aren't obsessed with a narrow focus on sport bikes) couldn't tell the difference between most of them. And as far as performance goes, I think the little Daytona shouldn't be too far off from this years Japanese 600's. If it is slow, Triumph could just host a little pre- review party with 30 well paid "strippers" and a case of viagara for the M.O. staff to ensure the proper results.
Itchface Rocks!

Way to rhyme "triple". Excellent stuff. Now we want to hear the extended dance mix.
You are right. It looks a lot like my 2001 Ninja.

Re: Let's see a first ride!

Yea but at least this time the bike looks good. That last one may have handled really sweetly (and yes I've ridden most of the recent 600s) but it looked 5 years out of date.
Re: You are correct BuzzLightYear

If you ever ride the 955i, you'll find it is a really nice bike to ride on the road. More power than a twin, more torque than a 4. They're faster than you think. Kinda stealthy fast. Good drive out of corners and they sound great.

But yea.. that GS1000 kinda makes it feel kinda sensible... but the GS is too much for me.
Re: Is it better than the japanese 600's?

Yea, I had an old Tiger.. but when it came time to swap, the new one got sidelined. Bought the BMW GS instead.. which was definitely the right descision.. except for that triple engine.
That has an element of truth.. but who were they copying in the first place.. and at least the UK seems to have a bike industry capable of producing a modern bike (Later than the 50's) without going to the Germans (porche) for them to design the engine.

(Sit's back and waits for KPaulCooks harley reversal....)

First ever post.

I think Triumph has done an excellent job of listening to what was wanted in the market. Everyone complained that the TT600 wasn't like the Gixxer/YZF/ZX/CBR's that dominate our roadways. And now they've given a virtual clone and everyone *****es about it, when it's exactly what they were asking for. I've rode for a few years now and go on group rides and such, so I am a little familiar with the bike market. NO ONE can come close to the Japanese when it comes to sheer performance, price, and reliability. That's why they're everywhere. On the other end of the spectrum, you have Ducati, Aprillia, MV Augusta, and such. Triumph's niche isn't exactly producing triples and replicas of older bikes(Bonneville). They fall directly between the ultra-value of the Japanese camp and the ultra-exclusivity of the Italian camp. And they have a product line that compares with the Japanese.....something for everyone. So, if you want a good looking, well built bike that will perform without having to ride what all your neighbors ride, and without having to spend as much as on your wife's Suburban, take a look at Triumph.
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Someone always has to bring up the "Prince of Darkness"......

Do you know why the British drink warm beer?

They have Lucas refrigerators.

You know what the only thing that Lucas makes that DOESN'T suck??

Their vacuum cleaners!

You should ride one before casting aspersions. I have ridden a 2002 TT, and it was definitely on par w/ a pre- FI F4, IMHO. I know this isn't exactly up-to-to-snuff, but to say that the current bike isn't any better than a 10+ yr old F2 is ridiculous.

All of that said, I'm having trouble convincing myself that the bike will be up to the task of going toe-to-toe w/ the latest Nipponese stuff..maybe someday...
More Brit craftsmanship jokes.

Why don't the British make computers?

Because they couldn't figure out a way for them to leak oil.

Some of you might not have kids, or pay much attention to what they watch, but if you did you would see that...

That thing IS Pikachu...

The resemblance is soo close it's crazy. That couldn't have been on purpose, could it? Well it does look like the happiest motorcycle out there...
Some of you might not have kids, or pay much attention to what they watch, but if you did you would see that...

That thing IS Pikachu...

The resemblance is soo close it's crazy. That couldn't have been on purpose, could it? Well it does look like the happiest motorcycle out there...
I used to get twice the life out of my MGs' Lucas fuel pump by simply turning the contact points upside down. That's about a year instead of six months.
I've got a ZX6R that's given me almost zero problems in 5 years and 27000 miles. It's even got the original battery. Having said that, Kawasaki could've done a better job on the fit and finish; the paint is thin, they didn't paint the inside of the fairing, and the plastic itself seems a bit thin and flimsy. If triumph has put more effort into the fit and finish I'd consider paying a little bit more for one next purchase. Otherwise I'll stick with a japanese bike.
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