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2003 Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback

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Looks like it was a prop for Logan's Run.
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If the big4 can get so much mileage out of copying Harley, then there's no reason that Triumph can't try to profit from copying them.

And as a bonus you get a motorcycle whose name doesn't end in a vowel.
I meant manufacturer name....D'oh!
It is significant when you have to buy one quart of oil for your motorcycle every 300 miles.
Well, since the average rider, say like you, is at least 35 pounds overweight, then the 4 pound bike weight difference is moot, isn't it?

Heh heh.

Just kidding.
In that case I vote for Monica Bellucci. You get beauty, brains and the numbers.

How can you beat that?
Re: Paint it how you want.

Oh, knock it off!
Re: Go read Burns Harley Book Review its a great description on the Harley

Hey, moron. Stop pushing that crap. Harley got a three year special tariff because the Japanese were dumping in the U.S. market. Do you know what dumping is, idiot? It's when a company does what the Japanese were doing... selling bikes below cost in the U.S. by charging higher prices elsewhere. The govt will act to protect any business that can show cause. Even the one you work for.

The Japanese got busted and buned back then. Too bad for them. So, blame them.

Actually, I'd prefer to see the US put the exact same requirements on Japanese products that they do on ours. Then listen to the whiners cry.
Re: Go read Burns Harley Book Review its a great description on the Harley

Hee hee. He got you too.
Re: Paint it how you want.

Fortunately the Japanese never made knockoffs of Lucas electrics or Girling shocks!
1 - 9 of 126 Posts
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