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Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!

Dude.....the whining over $12 is not becoming of "Electraglider". For the size of it's crew, MO puts out big time. And we, the subscribers, get to exchange opinions rapidly when topics are brought up. Sure we tell each other how great motorcycles like the SV650, VFR, etc. are. And some people get to bag on Harleys or Ducatis, etc. and those things get old. I even get to promote singles and twins for those who will listen. But are you not willing to admit that this is cheap entertainment for twelve bucks? What does that translate to? A pitcher of beer (OK, two if you're in a college town), a pizza, movies for two, two six packs of imported beer, 12 lottery tickets, etc. I'll bet you get more mileage (a year's worth of entertainment) out of the MO subscription than anything else you can think of.

Now my beef: Where the f**k is the KTM 950 Adventure test and how did Cycle World beat you to it?!!!

Singles and Twins Forever!
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