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2003 Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback

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Looks like it was a prop for Logan's Run.
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And which of the following end in a vowel?





??? Where do you get that from?

So, trusting that Triumph is printing a somewhat honest spec compared to the TT600, the Daytona makes about 4 more hp than the TT. The TT600 made about 90 horse back in the '01 MO comparo, when the R6 made 97. The R6 went up about three this year (and it's not actually the front runner in power, either) which would still put the Daytona down about 6 to the R6, which is a hell of a big gap in this class.

That six to eight extra pounds certainly doesn't help the Daytona either.
I know. I was just playin wit ya.
I know. I wasn't arguing that the 6 To 8 pounds make any difference in the real world, just in the mind of the street-only-riding squid who makes his decision based on that spec.
See my above reply.
Re: Paint it how you want.

Herein is the difference between you and the guy who buys these- to YOU, there is no difference, but to the squid who wants to brag about owning the latest, greatest 600, those couple of pounds/horsepower might as well be fifty.
I like Kawasaki's styling too.
Re: Paint it how you want.

You forgot to mention that the styling of the Kawasaki that Triumph copied here was a knockoff itself from Yamaha's R6/R1 styling, which makes the Daytona a knockoff of a knockoff.
Re: Paint it how you want.

Sorry- couldn't resist :)
Re: Paint it how you want.

I'm saying that I understand why one of these guys would buy one- I'm not agreeing with why they would. I wouldn't buy one.
Re: Racing Triumphs?

How would you NOT lose this thing in an ocean of Japanese 600's? The styling is the same.
Re: Racing Triumphs?

So's the Honda, and the Suzuki.
Re: Triumph Sounds Japan's Death Knell

1) People used that argument in the 1950's with Triumph, and look what Honda and the rest did to them. This argument will continue on into eternity and will also continue to be wrong.

2) So what? How will their products stack up?

3) Yes (for the most part), and no. Go talk to your average Goldwing, ST1100, Kawasaki Concours, SV650, or V-Max owner, then come back and tell me that Japanese customers have no brand loyalty.

Europe will never catch up in these other three areas because A)they don't have to to sell bikes and B) They don't and probably never will have the engineering staff to do it, or the production capabilities to make it cheap enough to produce on a large scale to make it affordable to the regular joe who buys those Japanese motorcycles.

4) Honda and others have already begun to outsource motorcycle production to other countries (including China), so the advantage of the Chinese is null and void. Also, if you look at Chinese brands, they spring up and go back out of business more rapidly than I change my underwear.
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Re: Paint it how you want.

Yes, I agree exactly- so what if it's a knockoff? I just get aggravated when people claim that it isn't when it so obviously is.
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