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2003 Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback

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Looks like it was a prop for Logan's Run.
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"England Knocks off a Japanese Bike "

That was the title of the article and there was no *****ing from anyone. When I made the comment that this was a British copy of a 2 year old Kawasaki, I got jumped on, and told I was sooooo wrong. I hate to say it, but Yossef is sooooo right. I'm sure this is a nice motorcycle, but let's face the facts folks. The big four will always be faster, lighter, and cheaper in this catagory of motorcycle, and that is what sells these. All Triumph can hope to do is make last years' Japanese motorcycle for 1000 bucks more. I like Triumph, but I can't help to think they have better things to do than lose money in this genre, and I'm sure they have lost plenty already. Isn't this the bike everyone wishes Harley would make so they could cry about it being a Japanese copy and too much money? I wonder how Triumph got a free pass on that one.
Re: Making motorcycles is not rocket science: maybe to Harley and US management it is

"Others can compete with the Japanese and win. Lets see Ducati comes to mind in.

Didn't you say Ducati was the "Harley of Sportbikes" and the 999 the "Edsel of Sportbikes"??? My how you have changed since yesterday! Ducati competed THEIR WAY. Not by copying existing designs. Copying a Japanese 600 isn't compteting. Learn the difference.
Paint it how you want.

Your post, while amusing, just confirmed what I said. It's more expensive, heavier, and has less horsepower than any Japanese 600. If you want to pay extra for a "classy paint job" then go ahead. Buy one, but I bet you won't. By the way, what is so "unique" about this British copy of a Japanese 600? I bet anything I could paint it lime green and slap on a Kaw sticker and 99% of the people looking at it wouldn't know the difference.
You ARE joking??

"England Knocks off a Japanese Bike"

The title again. I rest my case. I won't even mention all the Japanese parts, or techincal help they got from the Japanese companies.

Ducati IS the "Harley of sportbikes" right??

No answer.

The 999 is the "Edsel of sportbikes" isn't it??

No answer.

Funny how I can make you look so silly so easy, but you did all the work! LOL
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It has to do with what you said

"Yes Ducati is the Harley of sportbikes. Yes the 999 is the Edsel of sportbikes. I still believe that. So what does that have to do with Triumph?"

Well you used the example of companies that successfully compete with the Japanese. You said Ducati, which is the Harley of sportbikes. So, I guess Harley then competes with the Japanese. But, no, you said they don't. Are you this confused in real life?

"Ducati is the Harley of sportbikes, because they have great marketing, styling, etc., However, unlike Harley, Ducati can do a fantastic job competing against the Big 4 in MotoGP."

So I guess not only do they have great marketing and styling, but make great bikes too?? Just like Harley or not? Boy, you are more confused than ever.

"Why do American companies avoid competition? Why do they run? Why do they outsource offshore and only use their brand on goods made elsewhere? Bravo to Triumph for not doing that? Leave it to the Brits to show courage?"

Harley does things their way. They never stooped to copying someone else. All I know is the Japanese all make numerous V-Twins, yet Harley makes no inline fours. You figure it out. Who copied and who didn't. It doesn't take courage to copy a Japanese 600 and claim it's British. That takes gall. You said it isn't a copy in your response to me, but your response to Seruzawa up top agreed that it was a copy. I can paste that too if you like. Since you seem to talk out your ass and your mouth at the same time, please try to make up your mind if Ducati is a success or failure, why Japanese companies continue to copy Harley, which you deemed a horrible company, and if this new Triumph is a copy or not. When you figure all this out, make sure you wrap your response in 12 pounds of bullshyt like you always do.
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Re: Paint it how you want.

Point is, they make em to sell em, and you aren't buying one. Second point is, very few others are going to buy them. Third point is, why bother making this thing in the first place? To say the few pounds and horsepower and price don't make a difference is naive at best. Using your logic, nobody should ever buy anything more than a 600, because they certainly can't use it.
Re: Paint it how you want.

It isn't unique in any way, shape or form. It's a Kawasaki with a Triumph badge. Get over it. End of story. Why did Yossef say the British copied the Japanese? Does he get it? Why did you agree with Seruzawa that it was a copy? Were you lying then or lying now? If you think this isn't a copy then you are consistent in your delusions. No, everyone that makes a V-Twin doesn't copy Harley. Ducati didn't. Aprilia didn't. MotoGuzzi didn't. Only companies that said it was an "inferior design" and then base half their models on Harley styled bikes with V-Twins (guess who did this). The "superior" inline four got shoved aside when Harley started making a boatload of cash on that "inferior" design. Please stop justifying why the British copied a Japanese design, used boatloads of Japanese parts on it, got Japanese engineering help, and then wave the Union Jack over it and suddenly it's British. Sorry, I'm smarter than that.
Re: It has to do with what you said

Yes, the Triumph is a copy. If you don't like a Harley, don't buy one. Why you respond with your stupidity, I don't know. Since you said Harley copied the French, I'm still waiting for that link to the 88 cubic inch 45 degree air-cooled V-Twin they copied. When you come up with that one, respond, otherwise go away.
Re: Paint it how you want.

So Triumph is targeting the aging rider that wants a 600 sportbike? Ok. Yes, it should sell better than the last one. The only way it could sell worse is if they spread horse manure all over the new ones and flattened the tires. Like I said, I think they have better ways to spend their money.
Winning an Internet Argument.......

is like the Special Olympics....... Well, you know the rest.
Re: It has to do with what you said

And reproducing a Japanese 600 is what Triumph did. What do you think they did? Produce an original?? LOL I don't give a shyt what anyone in the forum understands or doesn't. I said what I said, and stand by it. Calling people stupid is what they derserve at times. You act stupid, you get called stupid. I call em as I see em. My arguments don't need to be "impressive", they just need to be correct, which they are. The Triumph is a copy of a Japanese 600. It's right on the money. The only thing I need to "get over" is stupid people telling me to "get over" something. Hard to get over the truth though.
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