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2003 Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback

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Looks like it was a prop for Logan's Run.
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Well said.

Two or rather 5 can play that game.
I am in love.

Glad to see that Triumph didn't go off the deep end on the ergos like Kawasaki. Beautiful bike. I can't decide between the Yellow Daytona or the Yellow CBR600RR. Life is tough in the best price/performance class in motorcycling.

Nice article and better pictures this time. Good Job
From the dork who brought you the year 2525 and the dumbest post of the year comes

Compare with the other mags. Motorcycle Daily does these mini reviews with no video, pictures and one guys opinion on the back after riding the streets of Souther California. MUSA does about one every month. 2Wf bout the same.

Get real and get that corn comb out of your ass Corn Husker. You need to get out more. Do they have cable in Nebraska? Or do you just get reruns of NU football games. Remember my Buffs kicked your teams butt all over the place.
Making motorcycles is not rocket science: maybe to Harley and US management it is).

Others can compete with the Japanese and win. Lets see Ducati comes to mind in. How about Aprilia. Aprilia didn't even make a superbike until a few years ago. Making motorcycles is not rocket science but to compete with the Japanese you can't do things the Harley way. You have to use the latest technology and be commited to quality. If you break down a motorcycle into its components its rather simple. Fuel injections systems can be bought (Klien). Suspensions can be bought (Showa). Brakes (Brembo) get the picture. Engines is harder but hey how long have people been making engines. It takes gut and commitment something Harley doesn't have. This is typical of American managed companies Even though American workers and engineers don't mind competition, in fact we thrive on it, Harvard trained MBAs who run most of Americans largest compainies bail [/b] These MBA trained idiots are preoccupied with the latest quarter financial results or the stock price.
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I agree. I like the Triumph's styling.
Re: Making motorcycles is not rocket science: maybe to Harley and US management it is

Do they run Ducait???? Very different than being the largest shareholder.
Not a copy

It is not a copy. If they did that it would be illegal. It is an inline 4 cylinder bike displacing 600cc period. By your logic it is like saying that Honda Accord is a copy of a Toyota Camary. Use your brain shortstuff.
What does that have to do with the price of eggs?

Yes Ducati is the Harley of sportbikes. Yes the 999 is the Edsel of sportbikes. I still believe that. So what does that have to do with Triumph? Ducati is the Harley of sportbikes, because they have great marketing, styling, etc., However, unlike Harley, Ducati can do a fantastic job competing against the Big 4 in MotoGP. Why do American companies avoid competition? Why do they run? Why do they outsource offshore and only use their brand on goods made elsewhere? Bravo to Triumph for not doing that? Leave it to the Brits to show courage?
Some folks don't get cable

Some MOs don't get out much. Maybe Milwaukee doesn't get the Speed Channel :)
Re: Paint it how you want.

You still don't get it longride It only shares displacement and configuration with the big four , yet it has a uniquely British look. So he prefers a triple just like some guys prefer liter bikes big deal. Why is that incosistentent? Using your logic shortstuff anyone that makes a V-Twin is copying Harley.
Go read Burns Harley Book Review its a great description on the Harley "Miracle"

Right Harley gets a tarrif against the Japanese and lives happily ever after. Execuse me Harley makes the motorcycle equivalent of a 57 Chevy (only new of couse)
Re: Some folks don't get cable

Touchy. You would be an expert on therapy huh?
Re: Go read Burns Harley Book Review its a great description on the Harley

Oh no the truth is out now. Did my mom tell you?
Re: Go read Burns Harley Book Review its a great description on the Harley

Hey BuzLightYear tell SeraSuzy he just got sucked in by a 13 year old. :) It is so much fun taking on 4 of you mental giants at once. Kind of like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. Hi Ya !
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