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2003 Triumph Daytona Reader Feedback

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Looks like it was a prop for Logan's Run.
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Go for a ride and get it out of your system. Then go back and read the stories you missed. MO rocks!
Well said.

Two or rather 5 can play that game.
I am in love.

Glad to see that Triumph didn't go off the deep end on the ergos like Kawasaki. Beautiful bike. I can't decide between the Yellow Daytona or the Yellow CBR600RR. Life is tough in the best price/performance class in motorcycling.

Nice article and better pictures this time. Good Job
From the dork who brought you the year 2525 and the dumbest post of the year comes

Compare with the other mags. Motorcycle Daily does these mini reviews with no video, pictures and one guys opinion on the back after riding the streets of Souther California. MUSA does about one every month. 2Wf bout the same.

Get real and get that corn comb out of your ass Corn Husker. You need to get out more. Do they have cable in Nebraska? Or do you just get reruns of NU football games. Remember my Buffs kicked your teams butt all over the place.
Re: From the dork who brought you the year 2525 and the dumbest post of the year come

wow. you really know how to post 'em.
Just buy a new Daytona, Any difference in it and the class leader is going to be negated by the fact that you can't ride them anywhere near their potential anyway. By getting the Triumph you show that you're a man of taste and distinction, instead of a lame-brain that whines about a $12. per year subscription to pretty neat web site.
Yeah shame they only built 10 Britten bikes and there are just a few more of us over here that like to ride, so we have to ride other things too. Back in the mid 90's it was awesome to see the Brittens racing on our street circuits. Last time I saw one was at the 50th anniversary of the Wanganui Street races when Jason McEwan did some demo laps on it. I have some pics posted on Yahoo where they only let guests see them at 400x300 pixels. Go here: Britten at Wanganui.


Re: I am in love.

When my daughters saw me looking at the yellow Daytona pictures they both said I should get a cool pik-a-chu bike to go with my "azure" Trophy, They already know that Triumph is the one true motorcycle, everything else is wok-ing. Between granpa's Range Rover my Triumph and the garage fridge full of Boddingtons pub ale we're waving the flag for Blighty.
In a another test I just read, they got 97 rear-wheel HP from their Daytona which was barely run in, only 1,6 hp less than the 2003 R6 tested on the same dyno. I'd say that's quite close.

In that particular test it was noted that the Daytone seemed to feel a bit weaker below 8,000 rpm than the competition.

They did conclude that the Daytona was the 600 bike which was easiest to drive, and they raved about the steering, suspension and ergonomics.

I'd say it's pretty much up there.

Then again, the 600 class is about figures more than any other class, it's ridiculous... 6 to 8 pounds, come on...

I have seen Homer Simpson eat more than that for breakfast.

What, the Simpson's aren't real? *DOH!*

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Not having ridden one, I would say that based on the various articles Triumph has created a viable alternative 600, perhaps one built more for the real world than any from Nippon. Methinks a re-do of your 600 comparo is in order...
"England Knocks off a Japanese Bike "

That was the title of the article and there was no *****ing from anyone. When I made the comment that this was a British copy of a 2 year old Kawasaki, I got jumped on, and told I was sooooo wrong. I hate to say it, but Yossef is sooooo right. I'm sure this is a nice motorcycle, but let's face the facts folks. The big four will always be faster, lighter, and cheaper in this catagory of motorcycle, and that is what sells these. All Triumph can hope to do is make last years' Japanese motorcycle for 1000 bucks more. I like Triumph, but I can't help to think they have better things to do than lose money in this genre, and I'm sure they have lost plenty already. Isn't this the bike everyone wishes Harley would make so they could cry about it being a Japanese copy and too much money? I wonder how Triumph got a free pass on that one.
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Heck of an effort for a small company. I don't favor small sport bikes but this is the one I'd buy if I did. The styling is a touch too "cubic" for my taste but it's a damn sight better looking than the TT. It's about time one of the allies fired a serious shot across the bow of the axis juggernaught. We yanks can't seem to compete in the performance street bike wars but you Brits have no quit in ya'. Cheerio, pip-pip and jolly good show.
So 4lbs and 2hp makes all the difference eh? Show me a street rider who can tell the difference and I'll show you a parking lot road warrior, blabbing his mouth at the local bar on bike night.
As it stands, this bike makes no sense. Currently, Triumph has no racing effort. Assuming that they do not start popping off the multimillion $ budget necessary for one, then why not make a 600-sized bike with a bigger motor? Why be saddled with the restrictions of racing orgs that don't matter to you?

Kawasaki has lead the way in this area. Others will soon follow, and Triumph should have been first. Watch for Honda's next 600F to be bigger, maybe 650cc or more.

All that said, it does appear to be a really good effort and a cool looking bike.
If it is near the japanese stuff then I might have to buy one for my stable. What the hell, I'm going through a divorce anyways. Why not really ***** her off? :)
blah, blah, blah...just another new 600.

i personally would rather see a redo of the current gsxr-750 (or the like).

with complete saturation of 600s on the market and on the street,

i think its time manufacturers should start thinking

about a proper upgrade to the boring 600.

something less than outrageous as an all-out liter bike.

this year kawasaki was on the right track.

i dunno, 600s seem oh so played-out no matter how shiny and new.
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I had a chance to ride a Speed 4 the other day. If the Daytona is as good in its catagory as the Speed 4 is in it's then I think they have a winner!!
Wellll lets see here, Triumphs ne 600 sets a record at the isle of mann with a 1 or 2 year old copy, seems to be pretty competitve. I also believe they are racing in the Brit 600 series, anyone know how they are doing.

As for Harley's sport bike, not sold for street use, for sale in Polland only (offical country of distribution when they did sell one), no one on the streets could get a hold of one to see how it compared to the real world bikes.

At least Triumph has the guts to TRY to compete.

I know. I was just playin wit ya.
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