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2003 Yamaha R6 Reader Feedback

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First bike with CF die casting technologie.

When are you gonna ride the little rocket!

(First post?)


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press launch in December, rumor has it. One of us poor slobs will have to fly all the way to Spain prolly...
... and PROLLY have a lot of fun. That thing looks sweet. I have been waiting for a black powder framed R6. I that yamaha was BSin' about that weldless frame tech. It looks pretty classy.
Poor bastards...

Poor bastards...

Being derided by your subscribership for article quality and percieved bias is one thing,

but having to ride all these great bikes, in paid for junkets to Spain and other locations,

No thanks...

Need help to test?

As a former road racer and experienced rider(21 years +) I'd be happy to contibute to MO.

I might find some time in my schedule (sp?) for that, one week away won't be that bad for my preparation for ice racing.

Waiting on your call
Flame job

I can even give a good clean-up to my flame jacket.

I had that custom made a a one piece suit for ice racing, but after it lost a duel with a studded tire, I got part of it rebuilt as a street jacket.

It's pretty much covered in bugs right now since I wear it to work most days, it's around 90 here and we haven't seen rains in ages so the wet/cold gear sty away for now.

Anywhere we can sees pictures of the flame paint job on the 6?

Yamaha US web site is kind of hard to access right now!
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Re: 2003 Yamaha R6 Reader Feedback (time to sell old bike)

Looks hot! Anyone want to purchase a 2002 GSXR1000 that is Red and Black with 1500 mi on it? (dead serious)
Looks nice...I like the black/silver combo. Nice and understated is so much better than gaudy stickers :)
Re: 2003 Yamaha R6 Reader Feedback (time to sell old bike)

Whatcha lettin' it go for? (reason's and asking price)
Re: Flame job

I see that has photos including the flame version on their site. I think does also.
Ok, what up with the 3 spoke rims on most pictures? MO has the 5 spoke images but Yamaha, MCN and others all show 3 spoke rims. PreModel release photos I guess...
Yeah! Nice to see a Japanese maker go for paint schemes a bit more tastefull than the more typical bad acid flashback scheme seen on so many sportbikes of recent years!

This thing is almost enough to make me trade in my Ducati, on looks alone.
Roadracing World also has the 5-spoke wheels. I assume you are correct about the prerelease photos.
At the rate sportbikes are advancing they are very likely to end up like computers, obsolete the moment they leave the showroom. How long can this continue???? Not that I mind of course..
Yamaha Faces Accusations of Weightism

Yamaha Motor Company could face a firestorm of protest over a controversial design decision on its 2003 model YZF-R6 motorcycle. The dispute arises over the decision to specify 5-spoke wheels on its U.S. spec models, while units destined for the rest of the world receive lighter, and, some argue, better-looking 3-spoke wheels.

When asked about the decision at the North American unveiling of the bike, Yamaha spokesman Yoshihiro Akebono stated simply "Frankly, we got cold feet. Consumers are getting too large. With the current lawsuits against fast food companies, we decided that it was only a matter of time before we faced legal issues related to the structural suitability of our products to the North American market. Our entire product line is being tailored to the current average weight of the consumer. We estimate that for every extra 20 pounds a consumer carries, we need to add about 2 pounds to the bike to make it able to cope with the increased load."

This decision comes at a critical time for Yamaha, which is locked in a fierce struggle for supersport dominance, one in which weight is a critical factor. The lighter bikes are becoming more structurally challenged with every passing year. As Akebono bluntly puts it: "Put down the chips, turn off SpeedVision, and go for a ride. Oh, and take the MSF course and eat your broccoli, too."

In related news potato and corn chip manufacturers filed a defamation lawsuit yesterday in federal court against Yamaha Motor Corp. Their suit claims "It's not the chips, it's the couch."

In even less likely news, several major couch manufacturers filed suit today against the Frito-Lay company...
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Eight pounds lighter, three more horses, 0.0001 seconds faster... Sorry guys, max respect for everybody, but I just don't get it!
I agree. Intense competition is forcing the manufacturers to implement design changes for the sake of change. Everybody knows NEWER IS BETTER. The changes often result in lower production costs as well. The downside is low resale value for perfectfully good late model sportbikes.
You probaly won't notice three hp on the street. But with that stiffer frame and less weight along with the hp gain, you'll sure notice it on the track
I like the flame job, headlamps and 5 spoke wheels. Has anyone else noticed how amazingly similar sportbikes have become?
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