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2003 Yamaha R6 Reader Feedback

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First bike with CF die casting technologie.

When are you gonna ride the little rocket!

(First post?)


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No, L. Ron Hubbard's cult. I won't take personal instruction from a cultist, even if he does know how to ride. Scientology is friggin' evil, man.

sheesh, looks like my 99 F4 will look a little slower on track days. sigh.
agree completly - I guess I should've waited another 2 months before buying an used f4i - I could've saved another $1000 ;>

and also makes it complex enough to preclude any chance of working on the bike w/o very expensive tools .

Ofcourse, the dealers will love it, but unless such a bike comes with free service for 3 yrs, 20000 miles, I won't buy it.
I disagree; I remember reading an article on bike aesthetics by kevin cameron sometime back - he discusses how the round shape is much more aerodynamic than the pointed sharp edges at anything less than supersonic speeds - or else, all those motoGP racers will have conical projections in front to improve aerodynamics...

The designers are striving to appeal to our visual sense - and what they design is driven more by the success of early R1/R6 than engineering...
Cool, but isn't engine braking also affected by fly-wheel mass? (And by the same virtue acceleration).
Re: 2003 Yamaha R6 Reader Feedback (time to sell old bike)

$8000 and letting it go because wife is making life miserable.

that was rich! Thank you for brightening my morning here at MO.
Re: Flame job

Nice pic, though you'd think Yamaha would post a photo of the right bike on their own site. Guess the R1 will be available with flames, too.
My old 4hp mini bike hauled a55!! That extra horse really made the difference up against my buddies 3hp, well till his dad shoehorned a 5hp in. Had about a millimeter between the sparkplug and the frame. Now that was a scary mini, short bonaza frame and a big ole 5hp...
Man, the "flames colors" look brutal!

That is one bad paint scheme. The black and silver one, though, looks plenty sweet. I'm travelling in Korea and saw two of them at a bike shop. I have NO IDEA how they get that stuff here so early, but I SWEAR that I saw that black and silver scheme on an R6 or an R1. It is beautiful.
Do you say this because you've had some bad experience with them, or just because Time Magazine or some such says they're a cult?

Note: I'm not a Scientologist, nor do I even know much about them. But, from the fact that you generalized your statement to include all "cultists", I wonder if you are just against any group that has been labeled a "cult" by the mainstream press.
I just bought one on Saturday, the thing is butter smooth. Props to Yamaha for nailing the fuel injection. It's so happy to dawdle along at 2,500, but it builds might fast (well, at least to 7,000, then I gotta shift because it has to be broken in).

Another thing to remember, this thing looks 100% better in person than in the pictures. It's a friggn sexy bike! I got the silver and black, I'd highly recommend it!
101 - 115 of 115 Posts
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