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2004 Aprilia Track Fest

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"Sean promises that his first project as MO's Executive Editor will be to arrange a street / tour / track shootout of the Kawasaki Concours, Honda Interceptor, and Suzuki SV-650."

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Re: Conny, Viffer, SV...

YO!, and behold, oh ye of little faith! Tho fantastic bikes that these three are nobly known as, and deservedly so... It shall be Divinely affirmed that thee unmentioned bike, the Kawasaki ZRX 1100/1200, be the BEST all-around bike to be had for thee Buck. So it is written. So it is.
Re: hemmingway

clutched in trembling hands, a faded photograph, all that remained of what was his chance at the illusion of normalicy, the realization of his failure flowing from him as his blood soaked the Spanish soil, a sorry life, lived poorly.

Darkness fell.
Re: hemmingway

Chickens don't have hands ... make that "trembling drumstick".
Aprilia has come so far so fast. They are really putting together a fantastic lineup. As for the comparo, do it. I think you could make the thing funny and informative at the same time, and would answer the burning question as to which is the best MOron bike of all time.

Congratulations on the promotion, there, Sean. How do your duties differ? I suppose there's a lot more responsibility now of course along with the key to the Executive Washroom. I'm sure you'll fill it nicely!
Re: Right.

Congrats Sean, good luck, cool videos/article. I hope you'll continue to be around JB, it's always great to hear the elegant ruminations of a seasoned, well read Writer.
Re: Right.

WHAT, you were listening outside the stall?
Re: Right.

LOL, I meant ELOQUENT! You the Man JB.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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