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Always buy local, as local as possible. Try to get your hands on an only-slightly used model. Make sure it's a make that's popular with the local delivery boys and taxi riders. Such locally popular models will be cheaper for parts and the neighbourhood mechanic will know how to fix it.

Never, ever get a big fat Yank mobile. It'll be the end of pleasurable biking. Such a machine will come to own you, instead of the other way around. You’ll worry about it when parked. You'll draw attention to yourself. It might even be thrashed, laughed at, extremely expensive and a target for mild-mannered thievery and defacement.

When you're away from your bike, you don't want anyone to be able to tell that it belongs to a non-local. Your bike should blend.

That being said, try to get the coolest, biggest, fastest local model available, and then customize it to the max. Try to join local boy racer clubs, too. Jap has some pretty cool top-end machines. Kor has one or two, too, but they aren’t widely available yet. Elsewhere in the Orient, just ride whatever the local cops ride.


Hyosung GV250

Seoul, Korea
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