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2004 Ducati ST3

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All the reviews of the ST3 I have read have been positive.

It will be interesting to see how the Euro intro of the GSX-R750 compare with its "home" release in japan
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I think Ducati has turned Japanese in the ST3's styling while the new Yamaha R1 has turned Italian in styling. I like the new ST3, but it just doesn't do it for me. I saw a new R1 in the flesh the other day and was awestruck.

Any bets on how long it takes Yossef to trash the camcorder again? We should get a pool going. As always, I enjoy Yossef's reporting.
Note to Ducati: Styling of new ST and 999 SUCK

I loved the old ST stlying. If Buzglyd didn't have one, I might buy one. The new one looks really generic ugly almost nondescript. Maybe there can only be one beautiful model year during a bike's run at Ducati. If I am going to pay a premium for an Italian bike it better look Italian i.e. like the motorcycle equivalent of a Ferrari, Lambo, Maserati.

P.S. Great Review Yossef
I am logged in but still get "access denied" page. What gives?
Sure looks like a Honda/Kawasaki blend. What's up with Ducati. All the price and no style. And the red saturation is off on your digital camera (surely the ST3 isn't tomato orange).
Great review as usual Yossef. It appears the ST3 is a nice bike to live with, but styling-wise looks like the '99 VFR I had a few years back.

I've enjoyed my ST4 so much that I was anticipating purchasing a new one following a re-style. Apparently the VFR (used one) is so legendary here that Ducati stole all the old upper fairings.

I'll be keeping my 2000 ST for now. For added wind protection I bought an Electra Glide.

On the bright side, at least they stopped short of stealing old Concours upper fairings.
I had the same problem. Sent several e-mails to the guys, no response. Finally re-subscribed, although I was only a few months into my renewal and my credit card had definitely been charged. Worked like a charm. Perhaps what the good fairy that sits in the sky is telling us is that the cost of subscribing is really $23.88....
SA asks, "How do you like the new fairing style for the Ducati ST's?"

Looks like a Honda from the front. That's the first thing I saw when I looked at the front image. It shocked me until I remembered they'd gone this way with the ST. It may be more functional but do people really by a Duc for functionality? What do I know though, I like the way the 999/749 look.
"...they stopped short of stealing old Concours upper fairings."

Or the Conny's suitcase styled side cases.

Fix the freakin hard bag mounts next time, Ducati!

They changed the ugly headlight...that was a good move...but why oh why didn't they fix the obvious fault - the exhaust and hard bag mounts!!! The ST series NEEDS underseat exhausts and unobtrusive hardbag mounts ala R1100S, Aprilia Futura and VFR.

The ST series bag mounts look so cheap and ugly with hard bags removed. Sure they can be removed but who wants to spend all that time with tools, relocating indicators, etc every time you remove the bags!!! Poor effort Ducati!
Sound like a bike to keep on the A list when I go looking for my next purchase....but....

What is with the styling, first the 999, then the uglystrada, now a blandified ST. Ducati needs to get on the ball with the styling. They are putting out great bikes, but have lost the flair that used to grab you, stop you in your tracks, and stop your heart.

My $0.02, but I can't see paying a premium and not getting a rolling peice of art, and a great bike all in one.
Re: Fix the freakin hard bag mounts next time, Ducati!

The hard bag mounts are certainly unattractive. You can solve the turn signal relocation problem by intalling a fender eliminator kit. (that's my bike in the picture).

It takes me about 15 minutes to remove the brackets and relocate the pipes.
Has anyone ever suggested to to bury a bloody microphone out of the wind. They have all this great video, but unbearable wind noise in every video.

We're talking dollars and cents here! Jeez! We'd like to hear the Duc. Look into it, there's nothing to it.

Good review BTW. Even though it seemed your site was down for a while (with no explanation)
Our site was not down. Our IP addresses were changed and your DNS server didn't propagate with the new address in a timely fashion. About 90% of our readers had no interruption in access, because their internet providers use modern DNS servers. As for "no explanation" please look at the news posting from Sunday, Feb 29th, explaining that we were moving and upgrading.
Yeah well what about the microphone!

If our servers propagate with each other will they be forced to wear Hot Fudge Flavored Condoms?
Uhhh, look at your TTLs

Looking at the TTLs, you have (or had) an ungodly-high TTL set for and Thus it hasn't propigated, even over a period of days.
If you had 90 days left and you resubscribed, you'll have 365+90 days on your account. Please check the homepage -- it tells you how many days you have left -- and let us know.
I know it's a rehash of a previous comment. But why can't I have it (or a Tuono, Caponord, Multistrada...) with ABS?

(And as long as I'm a sissy about riding in street conditions without, when will BMW put the 100 HP mill in the full line, not just the GS1200?)
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