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2004 gsxr-750 v. 2004 cbr1000rr

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Asking which of these bikes would make the best urban/suburban vehicle, is like asking which corpse at the morgue would make the best dance partner. Get a Speed Triple and call it a day.
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I have to agree. .

Any of the current standards is a better choice. I have a Multistrada in FL, and it's perfect. Well, other than the brick of a seat. There are a lot of choices these days. A lot of the new standards handle great, and provide a lot more comfort for all the straight flat roads. The other upside is heat. My 954 would roast my nuts in FL, especially in traffic. The Strada runs much cooler(for the rider).
No, i think you meant to say: get a Gold Wing and call it a day.
He didn't say he was planning to tow stalled cars.
Just imagine sitting in the endless S Florida traffic on a 95 degree day sitting on a Wing. Do they come with A/C now?
Just imagine sitting in the endless S Florida traffic on a 95 degree day sitting on a GSXR750 or a CB1000RR with all the heat those high output engine generate.
Get one of those new Buell Lightning CITYX bikes

If you want something that can squirt through a tight urban/suburban area then you need of of those new Buell Lightning CITYX bikes.

Sean himself said it's one really fast bike in really tight enviroments!

Cut through traffic, parking lots, etc. etc.
Re: Get one of those new Buell Lightning CITYX bikes

I don't think a Buell is on par with either of those other bikes. Buell are much better than they were a few years ago, but equal to Japanese machines, they are not!
I live in South Florida and a liter bike is the only way I'd go if I had to buy a new bike. 600s and 750s are cool if you are on the track or have twisties. Since we have no twisties, go all out on the juice and get a 1000. The only way you can have fun in SF is at top flight. Just be careful of the idiots in SF. I got into an accident in April and probably won't be back on a bike until next year because of it.
My son has the new Suzuki GSX-R750 and I have ridden it's a lot of motorcycle and well put together, better and just as powerful a motorcycle as his past 1999 Yamaha R1. However, when we ride together he disappears as though he's been catapulted into another dimension and then I catch up with him about twenty minutes later (quite honestly it sucks riding with him...of course I'm usually on a cruiser when we head out). However, the one complaint he has made to me is that it does not like slow riding as it produces too much heat for him. His bike is a California model. He does love the damn thing though.

BTW, I've never cared for the graphics on the GSX models, "Can you say loud?"
Winger, good to see you back on track. Forget that buying a Harley nonsense, did ya? I've got one question. Don't the new Wings have enough overheating troubles without the Florida heat? He wanted "urban" not "boring".
Don't Mind if We, I said you and me, Are Blackbirds

I guess they don't have it for the U.S. market as a 2004 model, but if you can find a 2002 or 2003 model Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird, it may be a good choice for you.

From the reviews I've read, it devours miles and handles twisties with aplomb for a big bike.

T.W.O. rated it higher than the Hayabusa and the ZX-12R as well.
Re: Get one of those new Buell Lightning CITYX bikes

In an "Urban" environment? Yes, absoloutely. They are more nimble and deliver their power where you will actually use it. Not to mention the fact that in a hot & humid environment, the LAST thing you want is a fully faired bike.

Nobody is claiming that a Buell or other "standard" is faster than a CBR or GSX-R, all we are saying is that for what this person asked, they are far surperior to a CBR 1000RR or GSX-R 750. -Sean
Have you met MR ALLCAPS? sounds like you two might be related.
Longnazi and the Seven Swift Boat Dwarfs are the best

These guys are experts in riding bikes in flat, straight, urban areas. You really should listen to these guys. Buz is an expert in the California Poser scene i.e. it is more important how you look than how you ride. He has MV Brutale with less than 600 miles on it. But he he is cool and can brag about it on MO. Longride rides his Ninja twice a year to the Sox game and back. Yep this guys know their stuff.

My advice to you after living in Fort Liqourdale for a year is to move. There is nothing like riding a twisty to clear you head and recharge you batteries. I am fornuate to live in a area that has tons of them (Seattle) If you like sportbikes move other wise get you a Harley and be a Poser like LongNazi and BuzBoy. Seriously, I would be too frustrated if I owned a sportbike in South Fla, Chicago, etc.
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Re: Longnazi and the Seven Swift Boat Dwarfs are the best

Awesome trollin' there. I award you an A-. But I gotta tell ya, with only the addition of some words in bold and a "joke" about Fox news, you could have had the full A.
The CBR's seem to always get the node in mag reviews for being the most real world street friendly of the big 4 sport bikes, while sacrificing nothing in performance (nothing averages Joe's like most of us would be able to notice anyway). Everything I've read about GSXR's in general say they are the least friendly for real world riding- an uncompromising race ready ergonomic design.

Suzuki's 750 is an incredible bike but so is the CBR. Either one has more power than 95% of the riding public knows what to do with so IMO that shouldn't be a concern. I'd go with the CBR for the Florida flats.
Re: Longnazi and the Seven Swift Boat Dwarfs are the best

Thanks man I'll try to do better next time.
I'm also assuming...

...that because you mentioned these two bikes specifically and you've already owned a naked standard (FZ1) you are not considering non faired standard designs for this next bike purchase.

If that assumptions wrong I'd say forget both of these bikes and keep the FZ1 (wperformance tune & performance exhaust you've added some more thrill to it) or buy a Speed Triple (which doesn't make FZ1 power but put it's power in a better rpm range) and has a great exhaust note when you rev it.
Cooling systems for dummies

Never seen a Wing break down in traffic when it's hot here. Seen plenty of air cooled Harleys though. Potato Potato Poplunk.
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