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2004 gsxr-750 v. 2004 cbr1000rr

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Asking which of these bikes would make the best urban/suburban vehicle, is like asking which corpse at the morgue would make the best dance partner. Get a Speed Triple and call it a day.
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Winger, good to see you back on track. Forget that buying a Harley nonsense, did ya? I've got one question. Don't the new Wings have enough overheating troubles without the Florida heat? He wanted "urban" not "boring".
Re: Longnazi and the Seven Swift Boat Dwarfs are the best

If you mean mentally old enough, it's gonna be a while.
Obviously your wrong, but it wouldn't be the first time for that now would it?
Re: Is the GSX-R 750 enough?

He needs Burger Barn proof he's got an ass kickin bike. How else can he impress the locals if he doesn't have a "Shootout Winner"? Why would anyone choose either of those 2 for an urban assault machine?
Re: Dwarfs and Trolls

He was faster this time because they were all the same words. If he adds any new ones it takes him about a month to get it straight.
1 - 6 of 72 Posts
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