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Longnazi and the Seven Swift Boat Dwarfs are the best

These guys are experts in riding bikes in flat, straight, urban areas. You really should listen to these guys. Buz is an expert in the California Poser scene i.e. it is more important how you look than how you ride. He has MV Brutale with less than 600 miles on it. But he he is cool and can brag about it on MO. Longride rides his Ninja twice a year to the Sox game and back. Yep this guys know their stuff.

My advice to you after living in Fort Liqourdale for a year is to move. There is nothing like riding a twisty to clear you head and recharge you batteries. I am fornuate to live in a area that has tons of them (Seattle) If you like sportbikes move other wise get you a Harley and be a Poser like LongNazi and BuzBoy. Seriously, I would be too frustrated if I owned a sportbike in South Fla, Chicago, etc.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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