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I own a CBR1000RR and it's an awesome bike - for canyons and the racetrack (where I haven't been yet - it was stolen and some stuff was broken; I'm waiting for parts), and even for ex-urban tooling about and highway driving, if you can stand being racked, because the motor is so smooth and the whole bike just feels so well designed and built that it's just a pleasure to ride.

In town, or in suburban neighborhoods, though, it's almost a disaster. It heats up super-fast at stoplights and you can feel the power loss from the 40+ degree temperature rise; the gearing is poorly matched to town driving; the riding position is ill-suited to ultra slow speed maneuvering; it's frustrating to not be able to use it at all. The list goes on.

Having sat in Florida traffic in the heat for a number of years, I can safely say that the 1000RR is generally a poor choice from a purely practical point of view, and a Buell XB-12R or something similar, or something featuring a cooler-running, lower output engine like those on the various 600cc bikes, would be better choices. Motorcycles, though, are incredibly impractical purchases, all in, so while generically not as fun to ride in the situations you describe, just the fact of owning a 1000RR or GSX-R750 might overwhelm the physical pleasure of a more appropriate bike.

I should emphasize again that droning along I-75 or I-95 or what have you on a race rep. would suck.

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