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2004 gsxr-750 v. 2004 cbr1000rr

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Asking which of these bikes would make the best urban/suburban vehicle, is like asking which corpse at the morgue would make the best dance partner. Get a Speed Triple and call it a day.
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I live in South Florida and a liter bike is the only way I'd go if I had to buy a new bike. 600s and 750s are cool if you are on the track or have twisties. Since we have no twisties, go all out on the juice and get a 1000. The only way you can have fun in SF is at top flight. Just be careful of the idiots in SF. I got into an accident in April and probably won't be back on a bike until next year because of it.
Hey man, I am just being honest, you don't have to call me names. That is what everyone on a sportbike does down here. I have never seen one going the speed limit. Call me what you want. And besides, the Speed Triple and Buells are boring and the ladies don't care too much for em either.
Boring is a relative term. I actually would not mind having a Speed Triple I must say.

No donor body. I now have titanium in my body. I shattered my left femur and fractured a vertebrae in my neck. I also got some road rash where it wore through my protective gear. My left femur now has a titanium rod that is inside and goes the length of the bone. I need to get in the line for donor motorcycles though. I hope to have my bike put back together before bike week next year. I'll keep an eye out though for you and make sure the sweet little office manager hooks you up with a new body so you don't have to be like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles much longer!!
1 - 4 of 72 Posts
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