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2004 gsxr-750 v. 2004 cbr1000rr

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Asking which of these bikes would make the best urban/suburban vehicle, is like asking which corpse at the morgue would make the best dance partner. Get a Speed Triple and call it a day.
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Neither of these bikes is a good idea for urban/suburban use. They are too hot and too fast. But, if you have narrowed it down to these two, go with the Suzuki. The RR is simply too much horsepower unless you're going to be on the track.

You need to find out about the heat quotient. It has been my experience that liquid cooled bikes blow too much hot air out over you. It's bad in Georgia, and I assume it's worse in Florida. Air cooled or air-oil cooled bikes are a much better idea. The Ducati Monsters are great urban assault weapons, as is the BMW Rockster. (I mention them because they win the cool factor test hands down over any Japanese iron.)


You're undoubtedly right. I just think that the Rockster is an underappreciated bike. But in terms of midrange scoot, you can't beat a good v-twin. Both the Duck and the Buell handle great. Unfortunately, I worry about the Buell's long term reliability.

1 - 2 of 72 Posts
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