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2004 GUZZI Mgs-01

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I ran some of it through and here is what came back.

Modern line, spinning and aggressive, engine 4 valves, cycling from race. It is the result of the work of Giuseppe Ghezzi, well-known specialist of the movement of Mandello and co-founder of the Ghezzi&Brian, "workshop" from which go out fantastic special in printing limited. The MGS-01 however is a Movement Guzzi to all of the effects, seen that already from different months Giuseppe Ghezzi works on time full to Mandello. It is he that it continued the project and that it treats the development of engine and cycling.

It is been born in the course of 2002 like show-bike from lounge to show that in Guzzi creativity and desire to do do not be lacking, then however the enthusiasm of the public was such that has decided to go ahead and to make the MGS to become-01 a reality. But which it is it "mission" of this sporty? It is Roberto Brovazzo, director Business Unit Movement Guzzi to parlarcene: "a modern project that follows a special philosophy. A sporty one of large personality, immediately identificabile like a Movement Guzzi, with raised contained technical and that god a large satisfaction of leader. Not a contributing of the Japanese, do not a' against-Ducati. A movement outside from the chorus, sporty yes but without to seek the absolute services".

The production will begin from the version Race of this test, available from the first months of 2004, then the road version will arrive prodotta in series to leave from October. It will cost about 15.000 euro, that they 20.000 with the kit will become racing and will come produced 7-800 to the year. And after the words, I space to the action!
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