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2004 Honda CBR 1000RR Track Test

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I can't wait untill its posted... I'll keep clicking the link untill my finger goes numb.
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Give my regards to your Guest Writer

Thanks for the tease. Mladin says the Duc 999 is perhaps the equal of the GSXR1000 but Bostrom says the Honda is great. This is going to be an interesting year in AMA. Can't wait for the shoot out. My crazy Irish inlaws are coming for Christmas so the shoot out will be my Great Escape, Thanks Sean
It was worth risking Repetative Stress Injury!

Great job MO!
Kudos to MO for getting in on the Honda intro, even if it is through the back door.

As for the bike itself, every part of me wants it to be the worst of the liter-bikes. Just like the 600RR, it's the fattest pig in the class (relatively speaking). Just like most Hondas, the styling is, well, Honda-esque ... middle-of-the-road and not exactly lustworthy. But I'll be damned if seeing the 1000 at the Dallas Motorcycle Show didn't convince me that (alas) I think it is the best looking of the bunch. And the Daytona tests suggest it's no slouch on the track (surprise, surprise). Thanks Honda. I need the temptation to drop another $10k+ like I need another stripper girlfriend with three kids and a nasty coke habit.
Great! If I spend a few Hundred Grand I can have a motorcycle that will run 192MPH at Daytona! The Honda was apparently designed partially to clean up in AMA Superbike (with results at other than Daytona undetermined) at the expense of street optimization... Wait a minute... I ride on the street... and don't have an extra big part of a million laying around... The ZX-10R still sounds like the hot ticket to me. By the way, I don't think that there is any way that comparo is on the new Liter-bikes, they haven't hit the streets yet that I know of.
Oh geez Sean, enough with the whole "Man of Mystery" crap. Like it's some big forkin' secret.

Everybody in the biz knows that his name is....
Ow!!! Alright already Sean!

Leggo my sack, man!

Fine then!

I won't tell them it's Dean Adams, OK!

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Nice story but I'll gander a thought...

Based on what I'm being told here by one guy in the Yamaha and one guy in the Honda R&D shops, the racers still go faster on the GSXR.

Chassis holds back the R1 and weight holds back the CBR.

The Kawasaki wasn't even in the running.

This is all track times though. No street considerations but then I wouldn't consider any of them for the street.

Bring on the race track and a GSXR!

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Way to go MO. I was beginning to think you guys had retired. With the crap weather we have here on the East Coast, this stream of tests is more that welcome. Merry Christmas to all.
The 5-Way shootout

Hat's off to you guys for pulling it together again, I was just about to sign you guys off.

Just one question. How in the hell did you guys get all the new contenders together in one place so soon to do the 5-Way shootout?
Re: Give my regards to your Guest Writer

I for one strongly resent the racist "crazy Irish."
Re: The 5-Way shootout

Hint: We dropped Air Cooled V-Twins and Saddle Bags onto each of them then snuck them out from under the protective gaze of thier respective manufacturers.
Re: Give my regards to your Guest Writer

Yeah, it should be "drunken Irish."

Coming from a family of "crazy Italians," one must keep his stereotypes correct.
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