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Kudos to MO for getting in on the Honda intro, even if it is through the back door.

As for the bike itself, every part of me wants it to be the worst of the liter-bikes. Just like the 600RR, it's the fattest pig in the class (relatively speaking). Just like most Hondas, the styling is, well, Honda-esque ... middle-of-the-road and not exactly lustworthy. But I'll be damned if seeing the 1000 at the Dallas Motorcycle Show didn't convince me that (alas) I think it is the best looking of the bunch. And the Daytona tests suggest it's no slouch on the track (surprise, surprise). Thanks Honda. I need the temptation to drop another $10k+ like I need another stripper girlfriend with three kids and a nasty coke habit.
1 - 1 of 120 Posts
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