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2004 Kawasaki Z750

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Enjoyed the article and these "get-it-done" style of motorcycles (naked) truly appeal to my inner senses.
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I'm with you on this bike 451. The Naked (standard) riding position if far superior for street riding. The naked bikes are truly the thinking man's prefered ride. VWW
This is my bike!! The only issue, and it's a big one, is that I live in the U.S.A. I want a kick ass naked bike at a reasonable price. I am a fairly young guy and like the newer style of anime. This bike along with the Z1000 has some of the sharpest lines I have seen in any affordable bike(love the Z1K's pipes too!!) On top of that this is truly an original bike. I live in a rural area just outside of Kansas City, small town, USA. I have seen Ducati Monster's, Buell XB9's, and some other exotic bikes around the area. I have yet to see a Z1k in my area. I have read good reviews about the Z750's from Australia and the U.K. and now this one. This bike is a winner! Bring it to the USA and I will surely be all over it. I bet that I am not the only one.
Nice review. Call me wierd and many do but I like the Z1000, and its fancy components such as the 4-4 exhaust system. I also like the color accents on the Z1000 engine cases. Especially when you see one at the dealership. Usually simple works for KPaul but in this case it just looks plain perhaps cause it has the same lines as the Z1000 without the splash. It also doesn't have the stunning good looks of the FZ-6 or the clean lines of the SV1000. Maybe it just us Gen Xers grew up with plastic. 750 cc is good though but it looks like it was thrown together at the last minute
yeah, well, after owning a black/red 2003 z1000 for 11 months and then selling it at a loss of $4,000, i wouldn't own another (particularly with that kawi transmission!). you can also steal them at the dealership since they have numerous '03s left over.

of course, i still mourn the loss of my beloved '02 honda 919!
You did NOT just say "stunning good looks of the FZ-6" did you? Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. I mean, it is a cool bike and all, but jeez-louise, is Yamaha paying you for that one?

Of course, different strokes for different folks. But man, I just want to state my utter disagreement, and downright flabberghastedness at that one.

If I ever were to purchase an FZ-6 or SV 650S type bike, being the utter plastic ***** that I am, I would probably like to purchase the lower-fairing kits. The SV kits are pretty nice. The FZ-6 on the other hand... Well, at least the ones I've seen have been absolutely brutal to the eyes.

If I did buy an FZ-6, I'd leave it the way it is. Though, if anyone could, please explain why I may want to purchase an FZ-6 as opposed the YZF600.

I'm quite fond of the YZF-600. Even if it doesn't have all the techno-doodads and fuel injection and R6 derived engine, it's a package that works real well. It does have good brakes and adjustable suspension.

I think I'd rather have the YZF-600.

I think I should stop rambling.
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"stunning good looks" Yep that was KPaul. Sounds pretty dorky now. I agree the YZF is a bargin and can do it all. I am fairing guy anyway. Because I ride my motorcycle for enjoyment only, I would never buy a naked standard.
Kawasakis usually have great transmissions, maybe you had a lemon. It's hard to believe that you took a loss of $4000, I would of expected a $2000 loss at most. What do you have now? Why did you get rid of the 919?
OK, great. So when is it coming to the U.S.?
Agreed. I had the chance to buy a 750 nighthawk before I bought my first bike. Too bad I didn't. It would of been a great all arounder and a good starter bike. Too bad Honda discontinued the 750 Night Hawk in the U.S. Although the Japanese CB750 would be a great replacement .
I wish these bikes would throw the muffler under the engine ala Buell. This would facillitate back end maintenance and look better in my opinion. The Yamaha Warrior 55 gallon drum muffler is Yamaha's way of getting every buyer to spring for new pipes. Maybe the exaust could some how be routed through the frame. Sounds crazy? Buell uses the frame as a gas tank and the swing arm as an oil tank. Every once in awhile someone comes up with an idea that everyone else says, "Why didn't I think of that". Peddle bicycles have brakes that just use the rim as a rotor. Why not do the same on a motorpickle? The rotors would be a very light weight replaceable item that would be attached to each side of the rim and the rest would be mounted on top similar to a peddle bike but with sintered pads. Yes, Buell has something like this already but this would be different in that there'd be two rotors and only one pad per rotor and pinch in pretty much like your peddle bike. The pad mechanism would be spring retracted (just like my son's bicycle) so that their would never be a problem with drag. I'm not so sure that hydraulics would even be necessary. Very cheap, easy to maintain and different.
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Last year I got a used ZRX1100. rode it for a while and could not get the enjoyment I wanted with that darn window blocking all the nice wind out of my face. So I took it off (and that ugly square headlight) and now its just right. So becuase I ride my bikes for enjoyment only, I would never buy somthing with a windshield (I can get wind protection in the cage)
Hey torrnado where were you on the buell vs. Z1000 post. It sounds like we could have gotten some good info out of you. I am looking at buying the Z and am ready to hear about the ups and downs. I have ridden the 919 and compared to the quick test ride on the Z it didn't have what I like. What do you like about the 919 compared to the Z. Help, before I spend my money on the wrong one. Why don't you still have the 919?
I would imagine the only barrier to running the exhaust through the frame would be heat. Your frame would get so hot it would lose much of its rigidity.
What's wrong with the styling?

I would buy an FZ-6 over a YZF600R for three reasons:

1) Power

2) Handling

3) Comfort

All of which are better on the FZ. And it's $500 less.

Fully adjustable suspension is, in reality, utterly useless on the street. Once properly adjusted (which can be done just as well on "non-adjustable" suspension through changes in fork oil and the use of spacers to adjust preload) suspension never needs to be touched, making the extra money spent on the adjusters a complete waste.
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FZ-6: Ugly.

Actually, it's mostly the Windjammer-esqe fairing. Give it a more rakish fairing and it might me downright pretty. Thing is, that ugly thing works pretty well from what I hear. However, I think I would sacrifice a bit of function for form in that case. I ride a ZRX anyway, so I can handle a little wind.

The FZ-6 riding position is very upright, too. If you want a forward lean, fughetit.

If you want sportbike ergos, but still a good amount of comfort, buy the YZF600R. Also remeber that the YZF still (from what I understand) has a superior torque curve in the low to midrange compared to the R6 and still has a decent top end (about 88 hp). The R6 and FZ-6 seem to be the definition of "peaky."
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Well, duh.

Without the plastic you have to look at all the icky bits like a motor and perimeter frame mounts and radiator.

You even have to look at how the exhaust flows down out of the head and wraps under the engine combining into a smooth, sensuous uplifting curve of the silencer. Why after you run them for a while the head pipes even turn colors on some bikes!

Yes indeedy, best to cover all that up.
The Zed sounds like a great bike. But, again, another Asian manufacturer refuses to bring the interesting stuff to the U.S. But at least, for that same 7 large (or even less with typical dealer discounts), one can go with a Suzuki Bandit 1200. We need a few of these entertaining naked bikes with shaft or belt drive, however. An updated Bandit or Honda Nighthawk 750 come to mind.
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