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2004 Yamaha STAR Days

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Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood ?.

A couple of questions:

Does that hotel price include the AARP discount?

Are Star guys only dudes who can't afford Harleys?

Are Star guys in the GPTB?
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Re: Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood ?.

1.) No

2.) No

3.) Isn't everybody, except you?
I don't recall seeing too many "Hotties" at other bike rallies. Pretty much the only "skinny" chicks you see at rallies, are over-tatooed, battling three or four personal "issues" and just finished a double shift at the titty bar. THere are exceptions, but they are few and far between. I tend to see "hotter" chicks at my local supermarket. -Sean
No, I was asked to leave, because I had a "wardrobe malfunction" I wasn't doing anything wrong in the produce section, honestly. -Dirty
He Likes It!!!

Ok, so everyone knows I'm not much of a "custom cruiser" guy. But, I must admit that I really like THIS ONE. Of course flames aren't very original, but the paint itself is very nice and the entire bike has a well integrated wholesome goodness to it. Something about it makes me want to ride that Warrior. -Sean
Re: Kerry ahead

The only reason I would have rooted for Bush, is to be counter-KPail. Now, the only reason that I'm glad Kerry conceided, is so that KPail can eat some crow.

For the record, I quietly rooted for Kerry to win, because I feel he's the lesser of two wevols. I just checkled though as KP kept predicting victory, while the election went the other way.
Hey, I love ****ty women as much as the next guy (possibly more), but the trailer trash, strung-out, abused as a child, abused as an adult types really turn me off. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.
Re: No choice but the...

Re: MO not PO

You're against censorship, but you want us to censor as it suits your whim?

We will never censor (aside from bleeping most swear words) our message boards.

The message boards are a free and open forum. You don't see MO doing articles on political issues and you really shouldn't be claiming that KPail Kook has ANY effect on the motorcycle focus of These message boards are less than 10% of the content available on MO. The rest of MO has nothing to do with non-motorcycle related issues. -Sean
Re: The President's MOtorcade...

Re: Kerry ahead

spank you very much
Re: No choice but the...

Or fly out here and help us with our upcoming Tuono vs. FZ-1 vs. Brutale 3-way streetfighter/hooligan/standard shootout. -Sean
Re: Easy now.

KPail says "P.S. I didn't start this spat." However, the facts say otherwise:

The first political comment on this entire Star Days message board, was posted by kpaul on Monday, November 1st @ 22:57 PST.
Re: Easy now.

Action needed to be taken? Are you sure about needing to take the action of spreading it across an entirely different news item?
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